7 Elephants – A journey across the globe

When there is no limit to your gluttony, then Friday brunch is always a good idea and with many Dubai restaurants doing the brunch scene why would 7 Elephants lack behind. After a brief closure over the summer, this place is finally reopened and back to its glory.

The venue is undoubtedly beautiful and with the abundance of greenery around it just doesn’t feel like Dubai, but then you have the phenomenal view of the Burj Khalifa to get you back to reality.

The concept of 7 Elephants is simple; the food is from seven different part of the globe, and with that, I make sure I try dishes from every region. The brunch starts with some smoked Edamame and Salad, wasn’t excited about the salad as it could have had more dressing.

After a tedious wait, we are served with an innovative tray consisting of grilled cheese, bresaola, salami, olives, grilled veggies along with some apricots and dates. The starters were well appreciated, especially since there was a lot of ‘cheese’ involved.

Our mains were one of their signature Paella along with some sizzling steak and an Arabic speciality bread Burak with cheese and egg. Without a doubt the Paella was superb, and the juicy variety of seafood was very well seasoned making it a lovely Spanish main course.

Desserts were kept light at the same time satisfying, with a portion of exotic fruits and mini cinnamon doughnuts served with a scoop of ice-cream this brunch was a good value brunch.

For more information call + 971(0)43544354 or visit their website 7 Elephants






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