A piece of London in Dubai – The Rose and Crown, The Atrium City

The Rose and Crown sits proudly in the heart of the swanky new Habtoor City’s, The Atrium. This place is best summed up as a very urban British Gastro Pub with exceptional food. With vintage furnishing and cozy atmosphere, this is a perfect example of a traditional British pub. From the classic London Telephone Booth to its famous Knickerbocker Glory dessert this place has it all.

Settle in with a drink or two or if you like hit the double whammy and order a few of their best elements from the menu.

Curry Fries: – Be a little unique, and rather than the usual Fries pick on the Curry Fries which brings out new tangy flavors.
Deep Fried Scampi: – Sometimes fried is good and I say that since each crisp and crunchy bite of this delicious Scampi accompanied with Tartar sauce reminded me of those chilly university days in London where I had these on a regular basis.
Special Roast: – Following the classic British way this place has a few specials as well and I was lucky enough to have a hearty plate full of scrumptious food like Yorkshire Pudding, Sweet Potato Mash, and tender some Beef slices.
Pan Fried Salmon: – This delicate fish is served with some seasonal veggies and with the brittle crust it makes up for a delicious meal.

The impressive food list just doesn’t end there surprisingly for Dessert they had the famous Knickerbocker Glory, similar to a Sundae. Dig in deep and scoop of each and every bite of this rich and heavenly cream which you won’t regret having.

With such thoughtful dishes and ambiance, The Rose and Crown is more than just a gastropub which shall upmarket the dining and drinking scene.

For more information visit:- OR Call +04 437 0022

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