The Artisan – Truly Italian, DIFC

Who would know Italian cuisine better than an Italian himself? The love and passion they put into each dish are no new news. The undying effort to provide you with the best is something I have seen over the years and especially with their Italian chef’s who through the quality ingredients down to the decor and lastly to the dishes want everything to be near perfect.

One such restaurant is Artisan in DIFC which is born to serve exceptional quality of dishes using the simplest ways of cooking but still keeping it truly authentic. As you walk into this contemporary restaurant, you do notice the attention and the effort put behind getting everything together to have a lasting impression on oneself. The menu is carefully curated by none other than a 3 Michelin Starred Chef Annie Feold does raise the expectation high and why shouldn’t it be?

Going by the signature dishes, we ordered The Burrata which was creamy, cheesy and felt delicate to have and to accompany that some Salmon Toasties which with the fresh raw meat made the texture so flavoursome. Another impressive dish was the Mini Pizzas which are nothing but the best, the Truffle one having a pleasant juicy crunch to it whereas the simple Tomato ones have a slightly sour taste with a more cheesy relish. The Zucchini Flowers were a very new dish for me stuffed with cheese and simmered in a simple Italian sauce made it delicious.

Sticking to the traditional side I ordered for myself a Porcini Risotto and my better half choose a very particular dish which is unique to this restaurant a Pumpkin Ravioli sautéed in Parmesan Fondue, Doesn’t that sound intriguing? My Risotto was delicious and being cooked in a mushroom broth made it beautiful. The Pumpkin Ravioli, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise being not too heavy on the tummy this could be an excellent option.

Their two absolute favorite Desserts are my recommendations for anyone who doesn’t mind a little bit of sweetness. Profiteroles, airy, fluffy and so sinful that you could easily gulp down few without regretting and the glorious Chocolate Fondant will make you relive your childhood days where such desserts were just a mere luxury.

How impressive I feel to savour these dishes at this new restaurant which will soon be a lot of people’s favorite. Artisan keep up the fantastic work!

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