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Eating at a Teppanyanki table is an experience itself which I feel every food lover should experience atleast once. Starting my weekend happily this time I was at Miyako, a pretty old restaurant in Dubai which is going to complete a whopping 29 years. Don’t be mistaken by the number since even though it is an old restaurant it is still very modern or should I say trendy.image

I was here just like many others to try the Teppanyanki section of this Pan Asian restaurant located in the charming Hyatt Regency. Chef Ganesh was the most versatile person I have met, he did some eye catching tricks while preparing our food and most of us were left awe struck by his talents. As he prepared our meals it just wasn’t possible to move our eyes away from the Teppanyanki section since it is pretty interesting to see your food being prepared right in front of you.image

To stop our tummies from rumbling while we saw our food being cooked our servers got us some salad, it was light and with a tablespoon of Titanic sauce it was divine. For are starters a small portion of Tempuras were served which with the dips especially the pepper sauce was enjoyable. Soon after this the Chef gave us small nibbles like Garlic Chips, it was oily but at the same time addictive. A bowl of Sashmi’s was another treat for a person like me. image

Thereafter the Chef prepared one by one our main courses beginning with a semi spicy Hammour, a mild fish which with the sauce added all the flavours. Garlic Fried Rice with some lobsters and chicken, fan of the chicken but didn’t enjoy the lobster that much in comparison to the other dishes I had here. Oh and the rice could be had just the way it was, delicious. The Wagyu was chopped and fried with just some pepper, the juices were prominent and the meat was succulent. The fried vegetable weren’t that great, it didn’t had much of a taste.image

Concluding are night here and starting the weekend on some excellent and unique desserts like Tofu Chocolate, Japanese French Toast and Tempura Icecream. I loved the bare flavours of Cocoa and soybeans it is simply sinful and the Tempura Icecream even though it has a heavy filling of bread it still taste good. French Toast with beans was very new to me but it still has its own beauty especially when you have with a cup of tea.image

This restaurant is my recommendation to all people who are bored of seeing food served in the usual way and expect something more out of their time and money especially if they are some serious food lovers.

For more information about this restaurant visit their website or  Call at +9714 317 2221

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