TOKO – Vida Downtown Dubai

Centrally located in the ever so gorgeous area of Downtown Dubai is the beautiful Vida. I have been here quite centrally located in the ever so gorgeous area of Downtown Dubai is the beautiful Vida. I have been here quite a few times and can easily say as you enter this place it screams extravagance and luxury. This prestigious hotel has some of the most finest restaurants and one of them is Toko where I was recently invited.

Toko doesn’t needs any detail description or should I say Kim Kardashian did something right by choosing this place to dine with her friends while she was holidaying in Dubai. As I walked towards this restaurant on the huge red carpet rolled out I did feel like a celebrity, even if it was just for a second. At times I feel the setup of Toko was taken from some Hollywood film and it has been dropped here where all the important delegates are enjoying fine dining at its best. It is not unusual to spot a celebrity here.

Toko is having the Umi No Hi festival going on and to celebrate this occasion they came up with the most exotic and glamorous menu ever so here I was indulging and raving about this place as I gulped down the massive 5 course menu.

Let me breakdown for you each course which I experienced here. Beginning with the first course which was :-
*Edamame – A classic Japanese appetizer to begin with. A dash of sea-salt and they are good to go, Can easily munch on these at any time of the day.
*Salmon Tartare – Presented in this crystal white bowl of ice comes this salmon tartare accompanied with sweet potato fries. More then the dish the presentation is what caught my attention. Remarkably beautiful taste and flavour was splendid.
*Okaki Maguro – This absolute small portion of Tuna on Rice toast is a foodies delight. Laid on a crisp rice bed is a fresh layer of soft tuna, fabulous.

After sampling these few starters my expectations were raised. I was anticipatedly waiting for the second and third course.
*Maki rolls and Sashimi – Presented in this huge bowl over a bed of ice there are these numerous maki rolls and sashimi displayed. Any sea-food or sushi lover will instantly love this combo. Sheer perfection in every aspect.
*Shrimp Tempura – These are very much similar to the famous dynamite shrimps in P.F Changs. The only difference here was that it didn’t come covered in sauce instead the dip was provided separately. Oh did I mention these were spiced up as well to give that extra hotness which made it delicious.
*Scallops in Jalapeño Sauce – Wow, for that extra zing and unique taste this dish should definitely be tried. Saying it was nice would be an understatement.


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