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Home away from home – Blueground Apartments

After a month-long holiday in London I was finally getting back home and was certainly not looking forward to it, as I had a list of errands to run but just to still feel at ease and not rush into things instead of going home I checked into Blueground Apartments. This time my family from India decided to join me in Dubai for a week as well, and this was a perfect opportunity to feel like a tourist in your city. Continue Reading

Around The World Travel with Me

Five Best Christmas Getaway Cities

From glittering street decor to festive winter markets, Christmas celebration happens all around the world so why not pack your bags this December and head to some of the dreamiest places for this festive season which is almost upon…

Around The World Travel with Me

Best attractions in Sharjah

If you are looking for art, culture, tradition and history look no further than Sharjah. This Emirate still maintains the charm and aura of a city, don’t get me wrong but Sharjah is where you will find peace, and…

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The Act Hotel, Sharjah

Staying in Dubai, I barely get to visit the cultural city of Sharjah but when I finally got the opportunity I realised how much I have missed in terms of history, traditions and heritage. Sharjah, is not far from…