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Jumeirah Al Qasr

Jumeirah group does have a lot of hotels in UAE, and the popularity of their brand is not only because of the exuberant interiors or the awards which define them but solely because they make you fall in love with their standard of service. From the accommodation to their restaurants, everything is continually evolving here to suit the elite travellers who would expect nothing but the best. Continue Reading

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10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

Where in Dubai can you find some incredible restaurants which know how to cook some superb spring rolls or some casual Sichuan delicacies. Well, it’s not too difficult to find some of Dubai’s restaurants which offers oriental Asian cuisine…

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Opulent dining at Palazzo Versace

Take inspiration from the most popular cuisines in Dubai; Palazzo Versace makes sure that if you are here, your meal would be one exciting thing of the day. From having a highly acclaimed Turkish restaurant Enigma to a widely…

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Be a part of Luxury at Palazzo Versace

If I need a name to define luxury, Palazzo Versace would surely deserve a mention. This legendary brand is not only known for their clothing brand or their stunning Versace Home collection, but also for their two extremely popular…

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Most viewed attractions in Denmark

Apart from being one of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is also famous for its art, culture, food and tons history which shall surprise many visitors. Danish people are one of the friendliest people, and this makes your visit here…

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St. Regis – A plush getaway

St. Regis, a brand of Starwood and one of the luxurious chain of hotels to consider while booking your next holiday. The history of this hotel goes back to 1904 when it first opened in New York, and since…