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    Spicy Mustard Chicken, Doux Chicken

    You don’t need to go on a strict diet to be healthy, instead it could be made a little more interesting by making your own fresh and appealing recipes. Considering recipes…

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    Grilled Pepper Chicken

    The beautiful winter is upon us and what better way to enjoy it than with a lovely recipe to go along with this cold festive month. Since it’s been a while…

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    Creamy Herbed Chicken

    If you love sour dishes which aren’t too oily or greasy go ahead and try this Chicken. It is filled with tantalizing herbed flavours which are delicate to the palate yet…

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    Chilly Onion Zingy Pastry

    As I pass by bakeries I cannot resist getting in and buying myself a crisp freshly baked pastry. They are light, fluffy and with so many different variations of this Pastry…

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    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bread During Ramadan I experiment with a lot of recipes and this is one of them. Also for me being healthy especially after a long day of fasting…

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    Olive and Cheese Bread

    Being a Cheese lover, I always like recipes which can be prepared at home with the most basic ingredients and while browsing the net I came across this recipe of Jennifer which is…