Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Bread

During Ramadan I experiment with a lot of recipes and this is one of them. Also for me being healthy especially after a long day of fasting is pretty important so this is where my De Longhi Multifry comes handy, I invested in this machine simply because I can cook almost anything I like without the worry of the dish being too oily or greasy. From Pastas, Pizzas, Currys to Desserts everything is possible with my De Longhi.

So the first thing I decided to cook in this machine was a delicious cheesy pizza bread which is filled with goodness.


Boneless Chicken
Red Chili Powder
Sirancha Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Minced Garlic
French Baguette
Lemon juice
Shredded mozzarella


1. Marinate Chicken in red chili powder, lemon, honey, minced garlic, salt and pepper, sirancha chili sauce and olive oil.
2. Cook the chicken on power 3 for around 20 minutes in your De Longhi multifryer with the chopped onions, mushrooms and tomatoes.
3. Slice the baguette and butter up both the sides, spread the chicken mixture generously and cover with shredded cheese.
4. Add it back in your De Longhi Multifryer and cook for another 15min, once done garnish with oregano and enjoy!.

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