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Breakfast like no other, Atmosphere Lounge

Make your mornings a little more enjoyable with Armani hotel’s Breakfast offering at their sky-high restaurant Atmosphere. With Burj Khalifa being the most recognizable buildings in Dubai it is pretty alright to feel overjoyed while you book yourself for one of the regions most exquisite breakfast offerings.

As you all know that this restaurant has the ultimate Dubai view, so starting your morning here, is the ideal situation. Compromising of lucrative breakfast package you will be served with a few Danish Pastries along with clotted cream and jams, a soulful retreat to bite into the freshly made crisp buns is complete bliss.

Proceeding with the next set of dishes, we were served with a beautiful three tiered stand which had some appealing dishes and if I didn’t have to worry too much about the pictures the food would be over in a jiffy. Consisting of exotic Fruits, cured Beef Fillets, and Berry Granola this morning couldn’t get any better.

Now for the final round, it was French Toast, Crepes, and Steak with Poached Eggs and with this meat and merry options it is hard to choose a favorite but if I have to pick one it would be the French Toast. Well, I am a bit bias when it comes to sweet and appreciating all the lovely textures this impressive dessert did make my morning quite worthwhile.

With an overdose of the sunshine, food, and view, Atmosphere did make up for the lack of sleep this morning but certainly glad that I made my way here as this experience offers more than just food, it gives memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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