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Food Review

Guide on JLT’s best foodie destination

Every time I am in JLT, I feel like taking a walk across the lake just to find out the new and the happening places in this area. Well, this was on the list for a while, so I did manage to take a stroll around but on a mini bike considering the massive size of JLT. If you are like me who is done with the bad traffic and the touristy hiked up prices in Marina and The Beach, JLT is the best option. Being more residential, this area has one of the best places in town, and at the same time, it’s not super busy, unlike the other places.

JLT has tons of places to eat, drink, party and just relax but which ones are worth spending your time and money on? So to make things easier I jotted down few of the places which should be on your list when you are next in the vicinity! Continue Reading