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Guide on JLT’s best foodie destination

Every time I am in JLT, I feel like taking a walk across the lake just to find out the new and the happening places in this area. Well, this was on the list for a while, so I did manage to take a stroll around but on a mini bike considering the massive size of JLT. If you are like me who is done with the bad traffic and the touristy hiked up prices in Marina and The Beach, JLT is the best option. Being more residential, this area has one of the best places in town, and at the same time, it’s not super busy, unlike the other places.

JLT has tons of places to eat, drink, party and just relax but which ones are worth spending your time and money on? So to make things easier I jotted down few of the places which should be on your list when you are next in the vicinity!

All time favorite party places

Nola – This place is pretty isolated during the day time, but at night you might have to struggle to get a table. Pretty popular for drinks and after work hang out, Nola is one of the finest gems in this neighborhood.
(Cluster P +971 043998155)

Cocktail Kitchen – If you just want to grab a few drinks along with nibbles this would be an impressive place but don’t bother trying the extensive food menu. It has a few hit and misses but you wouldn’t come here for a fine dining gourmet experience, its all about the vibe and having a merry time.
(Cluster P +971 0568280727)

McGettigans – Want to enjoy your time with some entertainment? Then McGettigans is the answer, the superb line up of live music, gigs, and the food is for anyone who is looking for something more than just a casual drink night. Don’t forget to try their Irish Chowder; It’s the best. They even have happy hours during weekdays so if you need some help getting over the long week, head straight up here.
(Cluster J +971 043780800)

Couqley – This French bistro has a chic atmosphere with Jazz music playing in the background, and the ambiance here is charming. The food and drinks overall are decent, and this place is just the right choice for someone who is looking for a bit of party and a casual dining scene.
(Cluster A +971 045149339)

Breakfast all the way

1762 Stripped – On a weekend this place would be packed but if you are one of the people who are into breakfast and a bit of healthy eating why not try this earthy cafe at the start of JLT.
(One JLT – 800 1762)

Frisco Crepes and Grills – This Algerian restaurant has such a homely vibe, and the food is flavourful, they are a branch from San Francisco and has won a few awards for their delicious Crepes I would surely vouch for this gem of a restaurant.
(Cluster R +971 044572626)

Health is Wealth

Friends Avenue Cafe – Luscious food and organic coffee, if this doesn’t drive you to Friends Avenue Cafe, I don’t know what will. Quirky interiors and a well-balanced menu is quite an ideal pick if you want to have something affordable as well as healthy.
(Fortune Tower Cluster T, +971 45545813)

Poke Poke – people are obsessed with this place and not having this one on the list would dishearten many. A mix and match of a different protein, veggies, and sauces not only makes this delightful but also you can think about having this every other day without it getting monotonous.
(Cluster Y +971 044243399)

Indian Delights for the heart and soul

Daily Express – Nothing fancy about this place except for their food which will make you fall in love with their spiced curries, crisp naan, and tender meat. If you don’t mind a few oily dishes, this place will make you fall in love with their delightful Pakistani dishes.
(Cluster G +971 042759057)

Cafe Funkie Town – A classic example of how Bombay would be in 1970’s is depicted through this cafe. With over 100 dishes in the menu it is hard to choose a favorite but make sure you savor on some Keema Pav, Baida Rotis and Bun Maska.
(Cluster Q +971 043689697)

Hearty Middle Eastern charm

Doner Kebab – German Turkish Doners are fulfilling, meaty and pleasing. The stuffing is in abundance, and every bite you get is moist and has a texture that will linger on your pallet for days.
(Cluster W +971 045146858)

Mantoushe street – Freshly baked Manoushe is an old time favorite of many Lebanese lots, and if you get one in Dubai, which is as good as the traditional bakery’s back in Lebanon, then it has to be at this popular JLT neighborhood.
(Cluster F +600566667)

Aleph – An authentic Lebanese place which takes prides on their serving of grills, and salads. Their generous portions will leave you full and wanting for more.
(Cluster W +971 045136033)

From one continent to another

Jazz By Pizza Express – Undoubtedly in JLT there are a lot of Pizza places, but this one is a family favorite with Jazz, amazing crust and knowledgeable staff which are passionate about their Pizzas.
(Cluster A +971 044416342)

Little Bangkok – Does this place even need an introduction, how can we forget their tantalizing curries complimented with the steaming rice and noodles. So glad they opened a branch in JLT and making many of our lunches awesome.
(Cluster I  8002264565)

Wokyo Noodles – If you are a fan of Noodles, come down to Wokyo Noodles. You can mix and match your preferred veggies, proteins and choose one of their many wondrous sauces.
(Cluster J 80096596)

Mythos – This place is love at first sight if you love Greek food you need to give this place a try. A compilation of simple dishes but yet executing it brilliantly makes this another treasure in JLT. Don’t forget to try their gyros and moussakas.
(Cluster P +971 043998166)

The Smokin 9 – Their mini sliders are a hit amongst many, it’s reasonable, fun and something which you can instantly fall in love with. Packed with immense flavors, their sliders are surely for people who want a good hearty texture.
(Cluster U 8006464)

Where’s the Sheesha

La Vue – Surprisingly JLT yet doesn’t have many places doing Sheesha, but the few which are present here are on point. This one here makes the Sheesha deal sweeter by combining it with happy hours, isn’t that a good deal?
(Cluster T +971 045671100)

La Terraza – Along with their Italian and Arabic cuisines you can even catch one of your live sports shows at their comforting lounge. Serving a range of Sheesha flavors this is another impressive place to take your friends.
(Almas Tower +971 044298858)

Nosh – Along with a range of buffet selection, here you can enjoy a puff of Sheesha too. Movenpick JLT’s, pretty busy restaurant is here to the rescue for people who love to mix some food and Sheesha together.
(Cluster A +971 044380000)

With that, I hope to make your next foodie trip to JLT enjoyable and for any more suggestions and recommendations, please feel free to drop a comment.

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