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La Parilla – Latin American food with some Tango Dance!

Latin American cuisine is an incredibly vast cuisine which differs from country to country but still in Dubai there aren’t many restaurants catering to this particular cuisine in the most authentic or traditional way. On my recent discovery, I came across La Parilla in Jumeirah Beach Hotel which has stayed true to its origin with live dancing and entertainment which enhances the dining experience to another level and with this food and view you can’t complain.

La Parilla situated on the 25th floor of Jumeirah Beach Hotel has an excellent view of the beautiful Burj Al Arab, and the ambience offers a modern yet that classy touch which makes this restaurant differ from the rest. Embracing an impressive menu which commences from timeless Empanadas too typical Tapas and charming Spanish Entradas.

Going by the top recommendations how could I possibly ignore not having the Eggplant Truffle which with each bite just keeps getting better and Chicken Tacos with which a desirably pleasing filling satisfies your soul. An attractive option would also be the Chorizo, sharp flavours with a blend of a few dips makes it’s appetizing.

Your mains would be incomplete if you didn’t try their Sirloin Wagyu which is cooked on a hot stone on your table and is accompanied with three unique dips. The meat is indeed imported from the best dealers making it incredible. Another dish which I would suggest would be the Corn Fed Chicken, grilled to perfection it oozes out oodles of goodness.

Don’t forget the signature sides being the Truffle Mash and Roasted Potatoes which would make your mains fantastic with their simple yet ambrosial texture.

Dulce De Leche for dessert is a favorite Spanish dessert but at La Parilla, you can find a little magical twist in it making this dish so toothsome. Banana N’ Ron would be preferred for people who have a liking towards this fruit but for me it wasn’t too startling, but yet my better half loved it.

La Parilla has continued to woo people for over 15+ years and yet it still has that alluring and welcoming ambience which will always get people back to this gem not only for food but also for entertainment and stunning view.

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