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An Italian afternoon – Armani/Deli

Saying I love Italian food would be an understatement since this love has become a passion which has taken me on a journey to find the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. With this extremely tough campaign of mine before coming to the conclusion on best Italian joints, I have to try a few and today this has brought me to one of my last stops being Armani/Deli hotel.

Deli is a more casual restaurant for Italian cuisine featuring an all day Friday brunch which I was very keen on trying. Having a spectacular view of the Dubai Fountain and Dubai Mall this brunch is not only about the food but also about the experience in itself.

Starting with a selection of appetizers which are laid across in sections but being Armani there will be a server helping you with the portions just let them know your choices. From Mediterranean dips to Italian grills, and wholesome Salads which shall satisfy your grueling stomach before you await the second course.

Our second course was served on our table. Being a lover of Mushroom Risotto I was grinning with joy when I saw it coming, and the Seafood Pasta too stayed true to its name, sharp textures of seafood will be adored by people who love strong flavours. The last dish was a pasta stuffed with minced which is very subtle but quite filling.

The third course had a few options from where you could choose one of the relishing dishes. I went for the Grilled Chicken, and the better half opted for the Salmon. Both of the dishes are pleasing; it is kept simple in terms of presentation, but taste wise flavoursome.

This brings us to the last course being the dessert, choose from a vast selection of Icecreams, pastries or cakes and appreciate each bite with a cup of tea or coffee which will leave you in deep love for Deli’s Italian Brunch which you would be glad you came too.

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