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Scape – Burj Al Arab new food destination

Build on an artificial island Burj Al Arab is a symbolic structure of Dubai. Whether you are a tourist or a local one visit to this hotel is a must. Opened in 1999 it has since attracted a vast number of people who are not only mesmerized by this architectural beauty but also wish to dine or stay in their fabulous suites.

Talking about dining in Burj Al Arab it features seven different restaurants which are all known for their exotic view or food which is luscious. Having visited this hotel quite a few times, it’s beauty still, baffles me.

A few months back I was at their restaurant Bab Al Yam where I was told they are extending the hotel, and the new deck would feature two pools, private cabana rooms, beach, a restaurant and a scenic view of Dubai and Burj Al Arab itself. Today I get to see and experience this extension myself while I dine at their California theme restaurant Scape. The restaurant has a large space, floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the outdoor deck, and an open space kitchen which showcases the restaurant’s busy chef working their magic on the dishes.

Chef Timur the head chef of Scape today presented us with some of their best-selling entrée being Mahi Mahi Ceviche, Scallion Carpaccio with Truffle and Burrata.
•Mahi Mahi Ceviche had diced salmons pieces mixed in a sharp flavoured tangy sauce.
•Scallion Carpaccio with Truffle, infused with truffle and flavours of ginger give this dish a subtle yet a brilliant start.
•Burrata being of the finest quality made the best of this delicious cheese.

Proceeding with our mains I had the best Asian style Chicken glazed in soy and ginger, it is marinated overnight making it divine. Chili Crab Burger was satisfying but at the same time not too chili, so I was a little disheartened by that. Mini Fish Tacos had the crunch, piquant and that goodness which make this extremely likeable.

Before we had our last dose of sweets we headed outside for a pleasant walk and feeling a little bit more hungry it was the right time to sink into some Mascarpone Cheesecake and Salted Caramel which gave our meal here at Burj Al Arab the sweetest end possible and made my start of the weekend exciting.

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