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Start of Roberto’s exceptional culinary journey, Roberto’s – DIFC

Five years back Roberto’s In DIFC opened it’s door and till date the restaurant is considered for its premier Italian food. The two owners itself have a hospitality background where they worked in another excellent Italian restaurant which eventually made them realized they should use their esteemed knowledge to open their restaurant and then began the culinary journey of Roberto’s.

Set in the affluent area of DIFC, your supposition for Roberto’s is already high, and it certainly doesn’t let you down. With three different settings the restaurant provides a spot for casual diners, fine dining lovers, and a bar area all with a panoramic view of the glittering view of the Burj Khalifa.

The menu is quite comprehensive and meant for sharing, the right thing to do here would be to try their signature dishes which would give you a clear idea of Roberto’s.

If you are at an Italian restaurant, there is a high possibility they will have Burrata on the menu and this for me is the real strength of the restaurant. As you all know most of the restaurants, import Burrata so deciding on the best quality makes or break everything and surely Roberto’s does a good job on choosing the creamiest cheese.

Our second course consisted of Truffle Risotto which immediately fills the air with an aromatic scent of truffle. Spinach filled Tortellini, pasta was done perfectly, and a wholesome filling is delicious too, Pretty straightforward dish but done extremely well.

Grade 7 Wagyu would be a dish to be considered from the grills section, light pink meat which tears down gently with the first touch of the fork. Isn’t that what we all want?

Taking the suggestion of Pierre (manager), we went with his favorite dessert which is Apple Tart (La Mela), and Sorbetti and rest assure I can say both the desserts were exquisite which gave me a strong reason to come back to Roberto’s even more eagerly.

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