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Will Moana satisfy your seafood craving? Sofitel The Palm

During my stay at Sofitel The Palm I had the option to choose from a few restaurants but being the seafood lover that I am I was a little bias in my choice, So henceforth Moana it was. On entering this restaurant you might feel you have left Dubai far behind, and you are on an island surrounded by lush greenery, water and soothing ambience.

The interiors are kept aligned with the seafood theme of this restaurant, and you notice that with the large light feature in the centre of the room which has little glass fishes all around it, fascinating. If you find yourself spending a little too much time over the menu, ask a few suggestions from the staff, and they give you the best dishes to choose.

Before we began our culinary journey, our palate was delighted by a foamy amuse bouche, sautéed in a tomato sauce was a fried calamari and prawn. The calamari was a bit chewy but the prawns compensated for it. Our entrée had a selection of Premium Smoked Salmon and Tuna Tartare both of which had an elegant presentation. Smoked Salmon was filling at the same time it reminded me how lovely this dish taste just the way it is. Tuna Tartare will be your answer if you are missing on the Beef Tartare, very similar. California roll would be another dish which will give you the sharp seafood texture but at the same time it will fill you up pretty quickly.

Sticking to the more traditional side, I opted for the Grilled Prawns which come with a side and a delectable Lemon Butter sauce and for my better half it was the Grilled Chicken with Mushroom sauce which does wonders to this dish.

As you know no meal is complete without indulging in some sweet, so here I was ordering some Chocolate Trio Mousse which was somewhat mediocre it did taste creamy but at the same time could do with a little bit of crunch, but presentation wise done beautifully.

My dinner at Moana was pleasurable especially since the dishes weren’t too heavy or greasy but at the same time, it was satisfying.

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