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Toast And Jam Brunch – Weslodge Saloon, JW Marriott Marquis

Nestled in JW Marriott Marquis 68th floor is Weslodge Saloon where you get not only the food but also the phenomenal view of Dubai’s skyline. With their recently started Toast and Jam Brunch, you can sit back relax in the comfort of your sofa and order some of the fancy and exotic dishes this place has to offer.

Being with a big group has it’s advantages, you get to sample bits and blobs from everyone’s plate. We went for their tasting menu which gave us the option to try some of the best things this place has to offer. Beginning with the sultry Lobster Rolls and Ceviche Tuna, it was pleasingly appealing and made a mere good start to a long afternoon with beautiful people, scrumptious food, and spectacular view.

Burrata fans will be in for a real sweet surprise as they could indulge in the creamiest and smooth cheese over a subtle sweet bread which compliments the textures perfectly. Next up was the most picturesque dish, Chicken Waffle with Fried Egg, apart from its enchanting presentation I loved the fact it was crispy and tender some at the same time with a hint of sweetness.

Without wasting much time, our next course was ready to be served and even though most of us were profoundly full with the previous meals the aromatic scent of the ‘meaty’ Burgers and Eggs made us guilty to leave the plate untouched.

*Weslodge Burger – If you are hungry and wish you could dive into a pile of food this would be your order. With juicy and moist meat and a side of some fries, this is more than just a regular burger.
*Avocado Toast – Buttery Toast topped with a poached egg, could your Saturday get any better? This trending dish could fill your stomach and make your heart happy too as it is technically healthy as well.
*Weslodge Breakfast – If I had to stick to one meal all my life this would be my choice. Westlodge Breakfast as it signifies is their popular take on the traditional English Breakfast which is way swankier when it comes down to flavors.
*Lamb Burger – With intense and rich flavors this classic dish is one heavy meal and will make an excellent, fulfilling meal.

After these wondrous meals, I had to relax and enjoy a soothing tea with a few sinful desserts all which made this Brunch lovely.


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