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Top Ten High Tea’s in Dubai

So nominating the best of the high teas in Dubai was an unrealistic task but I have eaten a lot of scones and cupcakes at some of the finest spots in Dubai, so this seems literally like a cakewalk to me, now that I am done. Adding to the elegance and extravagant here are some of my top choices for the Best Afternoon Experiences in Dubai:-

Sky View Bar, Burj Al Arab – Nobody can deny that having an Afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab is not just a leisurely thing but also something you would associate with prestige; their Sky View bar offers a phenomenal view of the Dubai Skyline with a three-course menu apart from the stunning savory and dessert stand. Consisting of a few obligatory Scones, Pastries and Mini sandwiches this Sky High High Tea is one of the most lavish and elegant afternoon tea places, with a view and some live entertainment.

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(Price – 620dhs per person)


Fortnum and Mason, Downtown Dubai – A three-story tea saloon facing the iconic Burj Khalifa not just adds to the list of fancy high teas but also reminds you why this place is one of the most popular, in London. For its ritual Afternoon offering, you can try a range of exotic beverages and pastries, fit for a queen. Fortnum has the magic spell to make your dull afternoon enjoyable, memorable and fantastic.

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(Price – 260dhs per person)


Penrose Lounge, Four Seasons DIFC – The extravagant Burj Khalifa stand here at Four Seasons comes with some creative sweet and savory dishes. With a more sophisticated crowd, this experience is unique as it not only has a Burj Khalifa view but also a mini stand replicating the tower shards. Adding to the elegance is their delicious jams and scones alongside their delightful aromatic teas which set the scene for a long elaborated afternoon with special mini treats.

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(Price – Starts at 170dhs per person)


Al Bayt, Palace Downtown – Apart from being in the center of Dubai in Palace Downtown you not only get to indulge a few of their delightful creations but also a list of unlimited beverages. You can take the tea either at the terrace which faces the incredible Burj Khalifa or inside in the comfort of the lovely sofas. Be it any occasion, their contemporary Traditional High Tea or the option of Arabic High Tea would be enough to make you go back again. The tea menu is not only impressive but also overwhelming, recline back and enjoy the afternoon here.

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(Price – 160dhs per person)


Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa – Being literally in the sky this High Tea gives you the impeccable views of the city apart from the soothing teas and juices. Sweet or Savory treats, both are of supreme quality. Scones are served warm and fresh with an irresistible jam so leave some space for these treats and rest assured this would be one great experience. Make sure to click a few selfies from the best spots here as the view can’t get better than this.

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(Price – Starts at 390dhs per person)


Atlantis, Ossiano – This restaurant situated underwater will mesmerize you with its unusual setting. Having the view of the underwater life and seeing the incredible fishes pass by you, this place does raise the bar high when it comes to High Tea. Serving some exotic fish eggs, sandwiches and macaroons you will be stuffed with a wholesome of goodness. Servers are super polite, and the ambiance is as romantic as it can get.

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(Price – Starts at 295dhs per person)


Grosvenor House, Rhodes W1 – Want to see how the traditional British lot would like to have their afternoon tea? Head to the Michelin star restaurant of Gary Rhodes where the Classic British theme dishes and freshly baked scones would be an excellent start to your time here. The British Chef’s influence is pretty evident here and can be seen through most of the dishes especially the famous Coronation Chicken Sandwich. This place is a little extra special to me as the High Tea, unlike other restaurants, is served only on the weekend.

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(Price – 340dhs per person)


Palazzo Versace – In the luxurious surrounding of the glorious hotel’s Mosaico Lounge, you can experience the hospitality and High Tea both which is not less than extravagant. With the Traditional and Classic version of High Teas, you can savor some sandwiches and delicious scones. Leaving this hotel would be a little task as the gorgeous setting is completely mesmerizing.

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(Price – Starts at 240dhs per person)

Anantara – Anantara is like a little heaven in Dubai’s Palm, apart from their fascinating pool villas there is something else too which would interest you, and it is their High Tea. In their exquisite stand comes little pieces of some decadent pastries, tempting sandwiches and most importantly the freshly baked scones which are highly addictive!. So go ahead and book yourself in Lotus lounge where their ocean view and food offerings would surprise you completely.

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(Price – 145dhs per person)


Al Fayroos Lounge, Madinat Jumeirah – Al Qasr with its high tea presentation, service and the quality of the dishes exceeded beyond my expectations. The servers keep getting one course after another, and it feels not less than a royal affair. Without being bias if I had to pick one place which I would go back and again, it would be this one.

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(Price – Starts at 225dhs per person)


The High Tea mentioned here are purely in the order I have visited these places over the last couple of months. Feel free to leave your favorite places which could make it onto my next list. Hopefully, this compilation would help people who want to try nothing but the best.

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  • lei
    June 5, 2017 at 2:43 am

    I plan on visiting Dubai with some friends next March. Which place for Afternoon tea would you say gives you more for the price? I just want to make sure I am not hungry after paying a lot of money. Thank you for any help

    • SanaOnFood
      June 20, 2017 at 11:05 am

      HI Lei,

      I would suggest you try Al Qasr in Madinat Jumeirah or Address Boulevard then 🙂


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