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A New Addition at Roberto’s – Andiamo Brunch

It’s not like we need any strong reason to go back to Roberto’s, but yet again this restaurant has established that this is one of the few places for the lavish Friday Brunch experience. With brunches gaining more and more popularity in the middle east region, it is not just about the food, but also about the ambiance, experience and most importantly about the nostalgic time you have at a restaurant.

With the launch of their Andiamo Seafood brunch, you would be delighted with the food options. Apart from the food, you can groove to the tunes of the live DJ and foot tapping tunes. The menu is pretty impressive and starts with an exotic bowl of seafood accompanied with some Tuna and Sea bass ceviche. These are just some of the highlights of the brunch, and surprisingly there are another two courses left to go that is excluding the dessert.

The second course is a few pleasant dishes of pasta and risottos which are aromatic, rich and creamy. Quite a task to resist that Eggplant Lasagna or the luscious Risotto.

By the time the main course are served, I don’t think much of us have a lot of space left but the options sound pretty scrumptious and even if you do end up missing the main course don’t worry much as you can still enjoy the decadent Dessert round. With a beautiful tray of pastries and sorbets, Roberto’s without a doubt makes you fall in love with its new Brunch deal.

For more information visit – Roberto’s

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