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Grosvenor House – Rhodes W1


Best restaurants in Grosvenor House, Dubai

At this iconic hotel, you can find around 13 restaurants and I won’t be surprised if they add a few more names. Staying in Dubai for almost six years I have finally managed to try Grosvenor House’s all restaurants and I know some of you might just have a day or two to try some of the restaurants here. So take my advice and don’t miss these four award-winning restaurants at Grosvenor House. Continue Reading


Rhodes W1 exceptional menu at Grosvenor House

If having some fine British food is to your fancy, there is no place better then Rhodes W1. Whether you are looking for some old classics or some new fusion dishes this place has it all but with a…


Top Ten High Tea’s in Dubai

So nominating the best of the high teas in Dubai was an unrealistic task but I have eaten a lot of scones and cupcakes at some of the finest spots in Dubai, so this seems literally like a cakewalk to…