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Rhodes W1 exceptional menu at Grosvenor House

If having some fine British food is to your fancy, there is no place better then Rhodes W1. Whether you are looking for some old classics or some new fusion dishes this place has it all but with a little French twist to it. Apart from the food, the live entertainment on weekends will make your evening a bit more special. The panoramic views of the Dubai Marina and the beautifully decorated restaurant all come together to make your meal as perfect as it could get.

Asparagus, Peas and Broad Beans for starters would be an easy way to experience what this Michelin star chef can do with a few basic ingredients like this; the dish overall is exceptional.

If you visit this restaurant and don’t try the Beef Fillet or their steaks it would be a crime, it is what this restaurant is known for, Soft textured meat melts in your mouth, and you wish you had this long before. Vegetarian friends would be in for a fine surprise as the Ricotta, and Spinach Ravioli is ultra smooth, and with the garnish of the crispy sage, it just gets better.

Not many restaurants in Dubai can make a claim about serving a perfectly baked Soufflé as it takes years to get it right but this chef has excelled in it. The Raspberry Soufflé is highly recommended especially with a cup of espresso. Chipoust, another sweet treat which surprisingly isn’t on the menu but can be ordered if you wish, is a sweet retreat of blueberries, pineapple, and chocolate, high in calories but worth every bite.

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