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Best Russian Restaurants in Dubai


When we think of Russia, the first thing that comes to a lot of our minds isn’t necessarily the food. Thanks to cheap Hollywood clichés, myths, and stereotypes, a lot of us don’t know what Russia and its culture genuinely are. Contrary to popular perception, Russians don’t only down a lot of vodkas, potatoes, and boiled cabbage. One of the most authentic cuisines in the world, food in Russia was born from the climate, the rich traditions, and its history. It’s definitely uncomplicated, but the cuisine still boasts a menu that’s rich and nourishing; it’s practically designed to keep you warm in the winter and full without feeling heavy in the summer. A typical Russian meal serves hot or cold Soups, Salads, Porridge, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Beverages, and Pastries. Also, vegetarians rejoice! A lot of Russian food is vegetarian friendly, so you don’t ever have to feel left out of an opportunity to indulge in its exciting flavours. You also certainly don’t have to fly to Russia to taste authentic Russian food, you can do it right here in Dubai! 

Star Uzbegim, Dubai Marina – If you want to ease yourself into Russian cuisine, Star Uzbegim is the perfect place for you. Situated in Dubai Marina, when you enter the restaurant, we guarantee you’re immediately going to feel like you’re in a cosy but lively Russian home. They offer good portions and great service, so don’t miss out on the delicious Plov Tashkent, Borscht, Kebabs, and the Dymlyama! The environment is super casual and fun, so Star Uzbegim has the perfect mood to wind up a fun, relaxed day with friends and family.

Uzb Avenue, Al Barsha – Located in Al Barsha, UZB Avenue serves both Russian and Uzbek cuisine. Exquisite interiors and warm lights add to an ambience that is luxurious and elegant, perfect for nights you want to get away from the hustle and bustle. A haven for those fond of savoury and meat be sure to tuck into the Beef Stroganoff, warm, creamy Borscht, Herring Salad, and the Khachapuri with Cheese goes excellent with the Village Style Potatoes with Mushrooms. They also offer fantastic business lunch deals, so you can always step into UZB Avenue for business meetings with a twist! 

Sorp Business Café, Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Russian fare isn’t complicated in itself, but Sorp cuts it to the bone and makes it even simpler. Located in Cluster F, at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Sorp is perfect for a break from a busy day at work. The menu isn’t overwhelming in the least, and the highlights are the delectable Pelmeni, tender Stroganoff, and the sweet and savoury Vareniki. So whether you want to take some time out for yourself during a workday or you want to treat a client to a great lunch, Sorp is the perfect place for you! 

Chalet Berezka, Palm Jumeirah – Super stylish, with spectacular views during day and night, Chalet Berezka is located at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah overlooking the Atlantis Hotel and the beach. If you’re looking for a vibrant, lively restaurant to catch up with your friends, Chalet Berezka will not disappoint you. Stylish interiors, shisha, live music, and karaoke will definitely make your experience memorable. The food caters to a global audience, so it definitely is Russian, but with a twist. Dishes you don’t want to miss are the Olivier Salad, Pozharskaya cutlet, and Syrniki

La Terrazza, Jumeirah Lakes Towers – If you’re a sucker for good food and a great view, La Terrazza is the place for you! Located on the ground level of Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lakes Towers, La Terrazza is a beautiful restaurant that takes up an entire terrace (get it?) and overlooks the sparkling lake. Along with Russian food, the restaurant serves Mediterranean, Arabian, Turkish cuisines, and Russian shisha as well. Stop by La Terrazza after a busy day to unwind and indulge yourself in the mouth-watering dishes! 

Russian cuisine is SO much more than the few dishes that we’ve suggested here. Super exciting and just what you need to hit the spot on a bad day, the cuisine is going through huge gastronomic experiments. Let us know your reviews of our suggestions, and as always, happy eating! 

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