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Best Breakfast Places in Dubai

Starting your mornings with a hearty breakfast is what we all should ideally do, but due to our busy schedule, it is not always ideal to sit at peace and enjoy a strong brew or a sunny side up. So when I do get some quality time over the weekend these are some of the places which I would be seen at:-

Cocoa room – Apart from their most Instagrammable Marshmallow Hot Chocolate you can also indulge in some tempting variations of eggs, waffles, or sandwiches. Located in Galleria Mall, parking is not an issue, ut this place does tend to get busy, so make sure to head here early.

Fume – The news of their downtown branch closing did break my heart, but then we still have the Marina branch to head too. English Breakfast with a bowl of Homemade Organic Granola is my preferred meal at this funky Marina restaurant. Don’t forget to order their Pancakes with a side of a strong Espresso.

Karak House – This place knows how to make some amazing ‘teas’, but one glance at their menu will make you drool over some of their selections of Parathas, and a few Arabic specialities. With all the food don’t miss out on their famous Karak Chai, aromatic and delightful.

Eggspectation – Set on the busy beach of Dubai this place is flooded with people at any time of the day. If you are a fan of everything eggs, this is your heaven. From Lobster Benedict to Chicken Benedict everything is extraordinary in here. If you have fussy kids, this place has a lot to offer for the little ones too.

Raju Omlet – Apart from the Asian crowd this place is getting popular among the expats too. They have tonnes of gravies, rolls and speciality omelette which will appeal to many. The food is heavy and filled with Indian herbs and spices but that’s what’s brings out all the flavours.

La Serre Bistro – A classic French bakery occupied on weekends with a lot of hungry souls, the fresh bread from the bakery make this place amazing. The gorgeous two storey restaurant will satisfy your hunger with comfort food and pastries.

Atmosphere – If you are looking for the ultimate breakfast place with an extremely breathtaking view there is no place better than Atmosphere. Slightly on the expensive side but this place will leave you with some beautiful memories, after all, you don’t dine at Burj Khalifa every other day.

Pantry Cafe – An old favourite place of mine, this place has something to please everyone. Shakshouka, Bagels, Masala Omelette or a variation of healthy options to appeal the fit foodies. If parking is a problem in Jumeirah branch, you can always head to their newest location in Business Bay.

Mezza House – Generous portion and wholesome food will make you feel stuffed with all this goodness. Burj Khalifa view and the hustle and bustle of downtown Dubai will amaze you while you enjoy your delightful meal here. Their homemade pastries and flavourful sandwiches are perfect to make your mornings brighter.

Comptoir 102 – This cafe is more on the healthy side, apart from serving some quirky dishes this place is also a concept store. Over here you can find some wholesome, nourishing and organic dishes which will make your mood and health alluring.

So with all these options and suggestions make your mornings more attractive, after all, now you have a reason to rise early.

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  • SMA
    May 6, 2017 at 8:48 am

    Afer my first attempt at an enjiyable dinner at Fume (DT) which was very disappointing, I tried to give it another chance for breakfast, and they somehow managed to disappoint me and my fiance even further. Horrible place, at least the branch in DT, cant speak for the Marina.

    • SanaOnFood
      May 6, 2017 at 11:49 am


      Thanks for your response, I haven’t tried the downtown branch so can’t comment but I heard they had some problems and had to close that branch.


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