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Quirky Art Restaurant in Dubai Design District – Molecule

This art inspired restaurant in Dubai Design District is not only quirky but also one of the most Instagrammable places Dubai has to offer. Molecule is not like the usual eateries you would go to, from its curvy ceiling to their swanky art wall everything in here is spectacular.

On my visit here the quality of the food was supremely high, and the presentation of each dish was top notch. After an initial confusion on ‘what to order’ I finally decided to start my art inspired lunch with some of their specialities, Aubergine with Labneh is comforting, and the labneh texture gives body to the dish. Burrata, on the other hand, was extremely creamy; every bite was delightful. Don’t miss their Molecule Salad as in this summer heat this exactly what you would be looking for.

Lamb Rack with sage, croutons and garlic gave this dish a glorious flavour, leaving anything behind on your plate would be a sin. Chicken stuffed with Feta was perfectly juicy and moist which made it my favourite dish here. If you are still hungry, you could accompany your mains with some Roasted Vegetables or Potato Gratin.

Then after these oddly satisfying dishes, we are served with the highly anticipated dessert ‘Mysterious Arabica’ if you like coffee, chocolate and ice cream this dessert should surely be your choice.

So if you are too are looking for a place where art is the inspiration behind everything, this is the place to be.

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