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Can Mekong work it’s Asian food wonders on you?

There have been many times when I have been asked about my favorite place for Asian food but pretty much everytime I have managed to dodge the question very well but not anymore since recently I was introduced to a gem of authenticly traditional Asian food at Anantara’s Mekong restaurant. With bagging the Times Out Award for this year’s Best Asian restaurant, Mekong not only does justice to its cuisine but also to the heritage feeling which comes with its vibrant interiors.

With its menu taking you for a culinary journey to Vietnam, China, and Thailand you would be surprised to see how well they execute each dish making sure that they still maintain the veritable textures. Deciding on the entrée was easy since the staff suggested we go for the Platter which has a few portions of some of their bestsellers and knowing my new fond love for Papaya Salad how could I skip on ordering it?

Mekong Sharing Platter:-
BBQ Minced Prawn Skewers – Replicates a Kebab but taste much moist and luscious especially with the subtle dips.
Thai Rice Crakers – Such a brilliant way of presenting rice crackers which are topped with a juicy filling of Chicken.
Chicken Satay – I am so glad it wasn’t as boring as many restaurants make it, it had a nice grilled texture and with the sweet and sour dip, it was perfect.
Prawn Cake – Fried meaty prawn rolls would be desirable for anyone who wants to enjoy a little bit of crunch, basic but still presented well.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls – A light and a delicate starter, would be preferred by anyone who likes to keep their appetizers not too heavy.
Crispy Vegetables Spring Rolls – Dip these rolls in the slight chili dip and soak in the goodness in each bite.

Papaya Salad : – It is presented with an option of grilled Chicken or Prawns, being a lover of Chicken I genuinely felt this would be fit for any person who likes to be healthy at the same time doesn’t want to compromise with the flavors of the dish.

Delighted by a few options for our mains we stuck with a fascinating Sweet and Sour Chicken which is presented in a nicely carved Pineapple and to make this perfect we opted for an Egg Fried Rice which made this meal an incredible indulgence.

Finally ended this great night with a traditional dessert from Thailand called Tub Tim Grob which with the sweetened coconut milk and chewy Waterchestnuts made this indescribably fancy.

I am jubilant with myself that I ended up coming to Mekong which not only made my evening remarkable but also added another one of my favorite places for true Asian food.

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