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The Pavilion – Breakfast Like A King, Downtown Dubai

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” I take this quote quite seriously. If you are anywhere around Downtown Dubai and want to see how Breakfast is done in Dubai head straight to the Pavilion, a secret tip make sure you are early because this place can get really busy. A grass wall on one side and other side the buzzing Downtown road with a view of the Burj does makes you feel you are in a typical dreamy part of Dubai which seems to be too perfect to be true.

The idea of Breakfast here is kept simple without complicating it with way too much of food. A buffet table laid across with Cheese, Cereal, Pastries, Croissants and the fruity drinks which will refresh your soul and mind. Moving onto the next part of the meal which includes choosing one main dish from the menu, you could try the Pancakes, Shakshouka, Egg Benedict or the Pasta from a choice of a few favorites.

Knowing my husband would go for the Egg Benedict I choose the Pasta, please don’t judge me since I have a weekness for cheese and pasta and clearly there is no rule for not having this for breakfast. Runny Eggs with Salmon taste so lovely and the Pasta looks like a dish from heaven covered entirely with cheese, gorgeous.

So technically a day hasn’t started until you have a coffee or a tea so here I was taking my time and sipping on my tea as I fill my soul with happiness and lots of love from the Pavilion Breakfast.
(Priced at 150dhs for the set menu)

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