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Incredible end to your dinner at Al Dana, Sharq Village and Spa

For a weekend getaway in Doha at Sharq Village and Spa, I didn’t find the need to go out of the resort in search of food, activities or entertainment. Coming from a foodie background, I was a bit apprehensive at first as most hotels and resorts do not cater to the international tourist and just have a few local restaurants or a very limited menu. Well, at Sharq Village and Spa that was not the case.

Al Dana is their Mediterranean restaurant which takes pride in each of their dishes as Chef Evangelos gives attention to the intricate details of the dish, be it the presentation or the elevating flavours. A pretty interesting highlight of the restaurant is their seafood market; you can pick and choose your favourite catch of the day just in case the menu doesn’t appeal your tastebuds.

When it came to surprise me, the chef had prepared a few hot and cold appetisers. Garden Salad and Sea bass Ceviche illustrate the sensational textures which immediately become my favourite. Individuals who prefer Mussels should surely give it a try here, and the smooth gravy coordinates well with the meaty mussels.

Short Ribs, Risotto and Dover Sole for mains were some of the dishes we tried that night. The risotto was luscious, and the mushrooms gave it a decent crunch. Short ribs were moist and tender and the Dover Sole because of the dramatic presentation added a bit of glam to the dish but nevertheless the flavours well well intact, keeping it simple.

Poached Pear and Deconstructed Black Forest were good enough to salivate your palettes whenever you think about it. These well-presented treats made our farewell dinner from Doha remarkable.

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