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Exploring Dubai with Shangri-La

Staycation are always supposed to be memorable, but my recent one was extra special as it collided with my fifth wedding anniversary. Shangri-La is a Hong Kong based company, and the history behind the name is pretty intriguing, the name is derived from a mythical land described by a British author in his book Lost Horizon. Having many Hotels and Resorts around the world and a luxurious reputation attached to it, this would be an ideal choice in the heart of Dubai for an occasion this eternal.

I checked into one of their superior rooms which had the view of Jumeirah and the popular tourist destination Citywalk. Their rooms were extremely spacious, and most of these basic rooms also had a comfortable lounge area with a guest sofa. If you are a person who understands the value of art, you enjoy your stay here as not only the room but also the entire Hotels is filled with some interesting artwork. My favourite was near the check in desk where you can see a collage of numerous novels made into a frame.

During my stay here I managed to dine at one of their lounge and a Chinese restaurant. They have around seven places to dine at, but my love for Asian food draw me towards Shang Palace. If you are a tourist here and want to witness the Dubai Skyline head to their terrace on the 42nd floor, the view is spectacular.

Later in the evenings I tried to unwind myself at their indoor pool and ended the night at their party place Ikandy Ultralounge. After all having fun is all that I needed from my stay here at Shangri-La.

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