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Must see Attractions in Ljubljana

So being an avid user of Instagram, I came across a lot of travel bloggers who have been sharing some stunning pictures of this city. This added Ljubljana in one of my bucket list countries to visit but little did I know that I will get to visit this heaven of a place, so soon.

The old square in Ljubljana is tiny, and everything is just a few minutes apart. Easily accessible and not too hilly makes this city walkable.

Some of the attractions which you should see are:-

Ljubljana Castle – Either walk up the castle or take a funicular ride to get there but in my opinion, this is one of the shortest rides so while coming down the castle I decided to walk downhill. There is an observatory, a few restaurants and a viewing deck up there, it’s not the best ruins but worth a visit if you have some spare time.

Dragon Bridge – Just across their popular cathedral is the Dragon Bridge; it’s hard to miss as you will see a ton of tourists queuing for a picture of the dragon statue.

Ljubjanica River Cruise – Whenever I visit a new city, the river cruise is something I always eagerly look forward too. Since it was the time of Christmas, the centre had a lot of decorations which made this city glittery and a ride well worth the time. You get to see the city from a completely new perspective.

Tivoli City Park – If you like to feel close to nature and withdraw yourself from all the hustle and bustle of the city take a walk across this beautiful park. It is the largest park here and there a lot of remarkable buildings and artworks to see as well.

Robba Fountain – Situated in one of the alleys of the old square this is hard to miss. Right across is the town hall and back in the days this used to be one of the important representing symbols of the city.

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