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Five Best Day Trips from Slovenia


Slovenia is blessed with a great topography, and that is one big added advantage for travellers who love to traverse throughout the globe and being in Slovenia this is one of the added advantages. If their capital Ljubljana is your base some of the ideal destinations which are a less then an hour or maximum four hours away are listed below for a perfect day trip or a weekend getaway.

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Venice – You can catch a ferry from their coast Piran or drive to one of Italy’s most touristy destination Venice. Have a tea at St. Marks Square or take a gondola ride through the majestic canals, either way, this is going to be one mesmerising trip.

Zagreb – Croatia just like Slovenia is another destination which has been recently gaining a lot of love from the tourism industry. With many major flights flying to Zagreb this place is immersed in history, culture and lot of diverse people. Just an hour drive from Ljubljana you can wander into their adorable streets and try some of their luscious food.

Vienna – Another cosmopolitan city, Vienna is a three-hour drive from Ljubljana. This city has quite a few palaces, luxurious shopping experiences and some superb foodie restaurants which are sure to get many people in love with the city.

Budapest – The capital city of Hungary, has such historical significance that passing through the alleys, and the majestic little streets you can feel how much this city has endured over the years. The views are amazing, and the people are super friendly which make you love this city even more.

Trieste – Just a few minutes drive from Slovenia’s coast is this delightful Italian city. Once you are in the city there is so much to do, see and experience. Even though I was here just for a few hours, I can imagine spending a good few days here, and since I adore seeing palaces there are three just outside the vicinity.

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