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Best Cities to explore in Slovenia

Slovenia might not be your ideal travel destination, but in the recent few years, this picturesque country has been getting a lot of attention from the Globetrotters and jet-setters. I have been too a ton of Western European countries, and this was my first time venturing towards Eastern Europe, before starting this trip I had a lot of misconceptions about this country, but now I wish I didn’t take that long to explore this wonderful destination.

So if you look at the size of Slovenia, it is considerably small which makes travelling from one end to another easy. I had my itinerary sorted by Kamauf Tours which drove me to different attractions from my base Ljubljana, at the comfort of my own time and in our very own personal SUV. I was staying in Ljubljana for four nights and in this few days, we travelled to different parts of the country which shouldn’t be missed.

Ljubljana – Being the capital city this city is a mix of modern and historic architecture. To explore some of the basic sights, you need two good days, and yes, their local food is as charming as the city itself. Take a funicular up the castle where you can get a birds-eye view of the city and venture the lovely castle. Their main square has some most interesting bridges which are one of the highlights, and if you end up going here in winter, you can witness this city at its best.

Bled – This fairytale town, in my opinion, is the heart of Slovenia, I wish I had stayed here for a night. This town has the only island which is surrounded by a lake; it makes for some of the best pictures.

Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle – These two places are a few minutes apart from each other, and the tickets for both the attractions can be purchased together. The caves are one of the biggest in the world, and if you are intrigued by the phenomenal mother nature, this should be added to your list of places. At the same time, Predjama Castle is another fascinating castle which is perched on a hill, this castle was used for defence purposes, and it is worth seeing.

Piran – Located on the coast of Slovenia is a wondrous town of Piran, you can probably walk this place in around an hour but make sure to try one of their restaurants which have a pretty view of the ocean and some of the freshest seafood you can sample.

Maribor – Second largest city of Slovenia is Maribor, and on my way to Zagreb I made a stop in this town and tried one of their famous cream cake. The people are extremely friendly, and you will love the ambience of their renaissance buildings.

Kranjska Gora – A more affordable option for skying rather then the French Alps would be this place in Slovenia. It is becoming a popular winter sport, and activities are happening for all age, and it’s a pure winter fun.

All the above destination were explored by me and with the help of Kamauf Tours travelling was not a hassle at all.


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