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Five Best Restaurants at Heathrow Airport

In the last few years, London’s culinary scene has matured a lot. From quirky, healthy, fine dining, fast food, or exceptional afternoon tea experience, you name it, and they have it all but what do you do when you are at the airport and short on time? Well, if you are at the Heathrow airport your life is pretty much sorted. This airport has some of the best restaurants and chains which you can think off and don’t worry you don’t have to break the bank to get a feast at some of their delightful restaurants.

Knowing how enormous this airport is they have broken it into four massive terminals and each one has something to offer to the Globetrotters. I have been coming to London from the last five years and have been blessed to fly from most of their airports but the one which I am quite frequent at is Heathrow, it has tons of shopping places, luxurious brands, dreamy lounges and most importantly some beautiful places to eat at!

To make life simple for the people who would love to try some of their best restaurants, I am jotting down five of the most popular and amazing restaurants at here:-

The Gorgeous Kitchen:- Four very talented lady chefs are behind this restaurants menu, they aim to get you a decent meal before you get back on that flight. The menu has some luscious dishes which you should try or if you want to keep up with the London tradition, opt for their afternoon tea experience.
(Terminal 2)

Oriel Grande Brasserie:- This French restaurant reminds me of the good old days, the ambience is lively, and the food is kept simple yet very satisfying. There are paintings hung across the restaurant and old books are laid across the borders of a few tables giving this place an earthy charm. The Truffle Fries and Lobster Mac and Cheese were two wonderful dishes on the menu.
(Terminal 3)

Comptoir Libanais:- Being from the UAE I love to dine at this restaurant, the eclectic decor of this place is catchy, and if you want to get a sense of the middle eastern food, you should surely dine here. The mezze platter is a must.
(Terminal 4)

Gordon Ramsay Plane food:- So I am not recommending this restaurant because it has a star chef but because the unique flavours and the variety of dishes here are incredible. I am sure if this restaurant was before the security check there would be a massive queue to try this place out, simply adore their chicken wings and the Butter Chicken curry.
(Terminal 5)

Caviar House & Prunier Seafood bar:- If you fancy some caviar or seafood this would be the ideal place to be, I have been to this restaurant a couple of times and never had a disappointing experience. Among all the restaurants I have mentioned this would not be the most reasonable but if you enjoy quality seafood, you wouldn’t complain.
(Terminal 2)

So with all the hustle and bustle going around you, do take some time out to try one of these restaurants and as I am about to board my flight I just wish the plane food is good enough for me!

Disclaimer- I was a guest at Oriel Grande Brasserie but my opinion remain unbiased.

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