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Top 10 Restaurants in Madinat Jumeirah

Take a name of a cuisine and Jumeirah group of restaurants would most probably have it. It’s not magic but a very sensible approach to take care of all nationalities who miss their home food or cannot travel to another part of the world to curb their craving for a particular cuisine. Having around 60+ restaurants you can never manage to try them all and even if you do try all of them, most of the places keep changing their menu, so you have more food to fall in love with.

Last week I stayed at Jumeirah Al Qasr, and my sole aim was to try as many restaurants as possible. It was a hard task, but I think I did a fairly decent job, but if you are short on time, you can refer to my list of top ten restaurants to try while you are here.

Pai Thai – A benchmark for Thai cuisine this restaurant is a pretty popular place for tourists and locals. The culture of Thailand is evident in the decor, and the food is overwhelming.
Tortuga– People love it, and the critics can’t get over it, this Mexican Restaurant has the simplest dish with a modern touch to it.
Shimmers – Overlooking the beach you can enjoy a comforting meal here with some sheesha and superb mocktails.
Hide – Love some luscious meat? This is the place for you then, supreme quality cuts with intense flavours is what all Hide is about.
Pierchic – Surprise your partner with a seafood meal in the middle of the ocean, it can’t get romantic than this.
Koubba Bar – Enjoy a soothing drink with some finger food, or a sheesha, the highlight of this place is the Burj Al Arab view, you can never have a dull moment here.
Zheng He’s – Indulge in some Dim sum or authentic Chinese dishes which are not only delightful to have but appealing to the eyes too.
Khaymat Al Bahar – Live entertainment with phenomenal dishes from around the middle eastern countries will confidently satisfy your heart and soul.
Segreto – Crisp Pizzas, and homemade pasta, always remind me of Italy, and this is exactly what Segreto aims to do. The food transports you to the little alleys of Italy where food is an essential thing.
Al Hambra – Talk about Spanish food and Jumeirah presents to you one of the finest Spanish restaurants which have some amazing tapas, ceviche and empanadas.

This list is not only for the first timers at the resort but also for locals who want to try a different cuisine every-time they are visiting this resort.

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