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Best Ramen places in Dubai

When it comes down to comfort food you cannot deny that Ramen is one of the dishes which is not only delicious but also instantly makes your mood better. I became a fan of Ramen noodles after my visit to Japan and nevertheless since then I keep craving it more than once a month. Recently there are a couple of Dubai restaurants which are specialising in this dish alone and of course I had to try them out. Apart from the cliche Ramen spots, I have even mentioned a few chains which do quite a decent job and you won’t be disheartened by the flavours. So here you go

Maxzi – Another hidden gem in Dubai is this restaurant which is also a marketplace. Even though I have had their Ramen just once, I still remember it being flavoursome. The broth is cooked for ten hours with chicken bones and vegetables. The noodles and the miso base is imported from Sun Noodles in the US which is quite a prominent brand, overall I would surely recommend this place and a few more of their delightful dishes.

Daikan – JLT has upped its game when it comes to standalone restaurants proving that good food alone can conquer many battles. There are so many amazing restaurants situated in this vicinity and Daikan is one of them, at times it’s difficult to get a seat in here but I wouldn’t mind waiting for that big bowl of happiness coming my way. They make everything in house which is why the dishes taste so flavourful and the chicken broth is cooked for 18hours making it extremely soothing and divine.

Wokyo – This is the first place I tried Ramen in Dubai and loved it, I became quite a regular until I realised my addiction and decided it’s not good for my wallet. The broth is rich and simmered for hours, I enjoy the beef broth Ramen with a drizzle of chilli oil. This place is usually busy for lunch and if it’s winter even the outdoors are packed so make sure to plan before you go. I have even tried some of their other dishes which is the noodles and the gyoza and was completely satisfied with the moreish flavours. Fun fact, they even have bubble tea, so this is one of my ultimate places to go if I want to instantly light up my mood.

Yui – Situated in D3 and I was initially kind of bummed that it took me so long to visit this beautiful little place but since that first visit I go here with a bunch of friends often. Apart from some slurping hot ramen they even have delightful Kaarage chicken and tempura. My meal was exceptional here and their speciality coffees at the end made it even better. For vegetarians, they have a special broth too so nobody feels left out, and all the ramen is handmade which makes it taste extremely rich. Yui, I will be back soon! 

Wagamama – I know many of you don’t like chain foods but Wagamama’s Ramen is surely delicious, they have perfected their broth especially the beef one and with a topping of one boiled egg and chilli sauce, these surely make good comfort food. Apart from their delectable Ramens, you should try the signature Katsu Curry and my favourite Prawns Firecracker, I have to admit this but I often used to head to Wagamama at-least once a week back in the UK just for my quick chilli fix with this Firecracker dish. 

Atisuto – This restaurant has consecutively surprised me, the food here is luscious and even though at times I do get overwhelmed by the massive menu I still have a few favourites and the Matcha cake and Ramen is one of them. Back in the days, I used to travel all the way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai just to satisfy my temptations from their gratifying dishes. Now they have a couple of branches and the only reason for their success is the superb quality and succulent dishes. This restaurant reminds me of the little quaint Japanese cafes, back in Tokyo. 

With these few suggestions, let me know which one’s are your favourite and if I missed out on a few!

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