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Best Spanish restaurants in Dubai

I was introduced to Spanish food pretty late in my life and I still regret it till day but now that I am so familiar with the cuisine I try it at every opportunity I get. Of course, my favourite foodie retreats have been in Spain but if you are craving the colourful and flavourful cuisine here in Dubai, there are a couple of options. Some of the fine dining places to get a good Spanish meal are mentioned below and do tell me if you have some more suggestions as I would love to try it out, always on the lookout for a decadent portion of Paella and crispy Churros.

Casa De Tapas – Situated in the Dubai Creek Yacht Club this restaurant is a favourite of many, their brunch on the weekend is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys Spanish delicacies. They have live music, entertainment and one of the best Paella’s I have had in Dubai. The view of the creek is also quite phenomenal and you will enjoy your time at this wonderful Spanish restaurant.

El Sur – Who doesn’t like to munch on tapas and unwind with great food, El Sur in The Westin Mina Seyahi is a sophisticated restaurant giving out great Spanish vibe and the food won’t disappoint you either. They even have a Saturday brunch which is pretty popular, but if you like to avoid the crowd nevertheless a weekday dinner would be more suited. I love to sit and dine on the terrace during the pleasant winter months and what better way than to tuck in a delicious Spanish meal.

Salero – This restaurant has been in Dubai for the longest time as far as I know and that is great as you can see it’s got the approval from the crowd. You get a mix of traditional and modern Spanish dishes and a Flamenco performance on Wednesday and Thursday. If you can’t go to Spain, they get it here for you! You will be spoilt with choices and have one merry night with luscious Spanish dishes. I even like the colourful wall art and the groovy atmosphere at Salero which reminds you of the fun-loving culture of Spain. You can’t miss the aromatic smell of the Paella which whizz the air from their open kitchen, will surely make you hungry.

Bebemos – Taking inspiration from Barcelona this restaurant tries to bring a piece of the vibrant city, here in Dubai. Their main aim is trying to be as true and authentic to the Spanish cuisine as they can and they do that pretty well, you can taste the robust and exotic flavours in their dishes. They have an enormous live Paella grill which impressed me and not only that they have an option of five different Paella’s, isn’t that great? You can see a lot of influence from Barcelona but interestingly they have food from 17 different regions of Spain, and I would highly recommend you give this place a try.

Nido – This restaurant is a very recent addition to Dubai’s ever-growing food scene. Located in Sheraton Grand hotel and access is through another restaurant Moe’s but that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the delicious Empanadas and Chorizos. The menu is quite extensive so you be in for a full Spanish treat and trust me this restaurant won’t let you down. Don’t forget to tuck in some cheese, they serve three kinds but my favourite is Manchego which is aged for days making it a real delight. The vibe is fun and the decor is top notch so if you want to make an impression this is the place to consider.

Boca – This one in DIFC has won plenty of awards and has been a part of Dubai’s ever-changing food scene for quite some time. Even though it highlights cuisines from France and Italy, the Spanish influence in its dishes is quite prominent. Turning simple ingredients into something delicious is an easy task for them and I do not doubt their skills at all. It’s always a pleasure going back to this old favourite restaurant of mine and filling myself with the moreish seafood Paella of theirs. They even have a beautiful business menu so you know where to head for a quick Spanish meal which won’t be a disappointment. 

Andalucia Tapas & Grill – I went here for their Friday brunch and fell in love with the food, the place is charming, to say the least. The live entertainment was a great addition, and the Paella is to die for. I honestly cannot imagine going here and not trying the Paella, it is simply outstanding. During the winter months, it is amazing to sit outdoors, made me miss my Spanish holiday where I often use to sit in these quaint little off-street restaurants and savour cheese and just get mesmerised by their culture and zest for life. Andalucia is surely one underrated restaurant and I wish more people knew about this beautiful place.

Spain has enchanted me not only with its food but also it’s culture, traditions and lovely people. I would love to see more restaurants and events celebrating this wonderful country as it definitely deserves more attention and love in this region.

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