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Top Attractions and Places in Glasgow

A significant important country after Edinburgh is Glasgow. Some visit this city due to its strong connection with art and museums, some for the food and others for the marvellous history and architecture. Either way, Glasgow doesn’t disappoint you, it’s worth staying here and exploring this contemporary city which has something to please everyone.

Glasgow Cathedral – Start by ticking off this gothic cathedral, the history of this cathedral takes you back in the medieval time. An easy walk from the city centre this cathedral shouldn’t be missed, it’s also conveniently located from Necropolis, which is a cemetery where many famous people have been buried, its not a usual graveyard.

GoMA  Being an art student I loved spending time at GoMA, it has four art galleries and you can learn and see the various displays. One of the most visited galleries, this should surely be on your list. You can see artworks from local, famous and international artists, and if that’s not enough they usually have exhibitions running all year round.

Glasgow Necropolis – Located on a hill this cemetery is not a usual graveyard but a place where the rich and famous are buried. Around 3,500 statues and sculptures exist here, surprisingly a tour company even organises walking tour here. Apart from this unusual attraction, another thing which is striking is the view from the hill.

George Square – The heart of Glasgow this square is surrounded with prominent buildings and monuments. Many tourists choose to stay around here due to it’s proximity to restaurants, cafes and the bustling atmosphere. There are regular events and marches which take place in George Square and generally many walking tours also start from this part of the city.

The Riverside museum – This famous Zaha Hadid museum hosts a number of transportation vehicles from cars, buses, carriages, etc. People interested in cars, motorbikes or locomotives will find this museum a heaven. Another fascinating thing about this place is walking down the old cobbled street which has shops dating back to 1895.

Wander around Buchanan Street – I think one of the days when I just wanted to take it easy and unwind, I strolled around this lively street. Lined with restaurants, cafes and shops this area is usually flooded with tourists. If the climate isn’t that great, head to the department stores or Buchanan galleries, which is also preferred by the locals. 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Museum and Garden – Located in the West end district of Glasgow this place usually shows up if you do a search for best attractions in Glasgow. More then the gallery I enjoyed spending time in the enormous garden of theirs, of course, the time I went was during the summers so it was extremely crowded. A visit to the galleries shouldn’t be a bad idea, it has free entry and has 22 themed galleries which have impressive pieces of art and objects.

On my trip to Glasgow, these were the delightful attractions and places I saw. I and my family enjoyed every bit of this characteristic city Glasgow, had to offer.

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