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Five Best Attraction in Key West, Florida

Key West being the southernmost island in the Florida Keys it is a great tourist attraction. One of the main reasons which tempted me to take this 3-hour car ride from Miami was the breathtaking views. The entire Florida Keys is spectacular and each key has something unique to offer in terms of attractions, activities and phenomenal views. 

Connected by a highway during the hurricane season this area of Florida tends to get destroyed the most and the recent storms did not do any good either but the refurbishment made it look exceptional. A fun fact, Key West is closer to Havana than to Miami, strange isn’t it? You can take part in many water-related activities be it snorkelling, kayaking, diving, or boat tours. There are many celebrities and political figures who have holiday homes here, Key West sure makes for one splendid getaway.

Some of the best tourist attractions in this city are:-

Mallory Square – People usually go here to enjoy the sunset views and being one of the leading tourist’s spots you shouldn’t miss this place. There is a market here where you can find antiques and souvenirs while if you feel hungry go try some speciality Cuban food here. Just before sunset, there are street performers here and vendors selling some delicious dishes.

Duval street – This dazzling street is the life of Key West, it has restaurants, cafes, shops, bakeries, attractions, museums and art galleries. St. Pauls Church is one of the oldest churches in South Florida so surely make a visit here. Amanda Johnson’s art gallery has some superb masterpieces, if you are familiar with art you will enjoy this place. 

The trolley tour is an effortless way to see the city, especially if you are short on time. Duval street has strong connections with Cuban culture which is prominent.

Dry Tortugas National Park – The only way you can pay a visit to this fort is by taking a ferry, it’s 65miles away from Key West. This fort used to be a prison at one point but later became a national park during the presidential time of George Bush. There are water-related sports which take place here so it would make for a fun day trip.

Key West Aquarium – Get to see some exotic and savage mammals at this aquarium. From sharks, barracudas, snappers and angelfish you will get to explore a wide variety of aquatic animals here. This aquarium enables you to learn about the aquatic life through its knowledgeable programs, so watch out for it.

Fort Taylor Historic State Park – Located near the pristine white beach of Key West is Fort Taylor. Once, used during the civil war, today it stands as a landmark. Apart from touring the fort you can even enjoy some fun activities at the beach nearby. Usually, people skip this fort as it’s a bit out of the way but if you do have the time it is worth discovering.

So make your first trip to Key West memorable, as you are in for a wonderful treat. Key West is refreshing and this beloved part of the Florida Keys is an interesting part to visit at all cost.

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