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Five Best Food Dishes to try in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place where you will fall in love with its amazing attractions and delicious food dishes. If you’re someone planning on travelling to Hong Kong with your family or a local citizen there then here is a guide to point out the best food in the city for you to visit again and again.

1. Roasted Goose

Yung Kee and YueKee are the places where you can get this dish. A roasted goose is a conventional forte of Cantonese cooking. It is an entire goose that is roasted with other ingredients, cut into little pieces, each piece with skin, meat and soft bones, and eaten with plum sauce. These geese can be brought up in a brief span and have a ton of meat and little bones. Eating it has turned into a vacation spot in itself in the New Territories.

2. Shrimp and Chicken Balls

The Chinese name for this dish is ‘ dragon and phoenix balls.’  The dragon alludes to the shrimps, and phoenix alludes to the chicken. This dish is normally served in Chinese wedding functions. Initially, shrimp and chicken meat are chopped and shaped into balls, and then they are fried with bread crumbs. The balls are fresh and delicate. A plate of mixed greens sauce is regularly used to give a sweet and sour taste.


3. Fish Balls

Fish balls are a run of the mill Hong Kong snack, made of fish meat and can be isolated into two assortments. One is cooked which is sold by road merchants. Its history can be followed back to the 1950s. This sort of fish balls is made of browned fish meat. These are sold with hot or sweet sauces by local food stalls. The other kind is sold uncooked and generally filled in as a critical element of hot pot, or cooked with noodles in hot soup. The cost is higher, and the taste is not quite the same as the primary kind. These are accessible in customary markets and general stores.

4. Rickshaw Noodles

Rickshaw Noodles are a sort of cheap food, have a great incentive for cash, and famous with the Hong Kong individuals since the 1960s. They are instant noodles with a variety of different ingredients, for example, hogskin, fish balls, sirloin, and carrots, with soup and sauces. Because of the assortment of ingredients, they come in numerous, and the value range is wide. This dish can be found in Central Hong Kong Café.

5. The famous Pineapple Bread

Pineapple Bread is a sweet bread starting in Hong Kong, extremely well known, and found in about each pastry kitchen. The outside of the bread looks like a pineapple which gives it its name, yet the customary assortment doesn’t contain pineapple. A blend of sugar, eggs, flour, and fat structure a fresh surface with delicate bread underneath, and it’s best eaten when hot.

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