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15 Best Places to Travel in 2019


Planning your vacation breaks for 2019? Which places are you considering? With so many blank days on your calendar, you can easily make travel plans at the beginning of the year. Just plan it out for now and decide later. What fun! Here are 15 exciting global destinations that we predict most people will be travelling to in 2019.


Guatemala offers beautiful mountain and jungle landscapes, wonderful Indian culture and haunting Mayan ruins. The Fuego Volcano exploded last June, after which Guatemala took some time off. Now Guatemala is ready for tourists again. Explore the jewel-like Lake Atitlán and the boutique hotel, Casa Polopó, perched alongside. The Spanish-era capital Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage site with many beautiful 17th century relics.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has vastly recovered from the devastation left behind by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Now the island is more self-reliant, and all your favourite places are open. The historic Condado Vanderbilt, and the Dorado Beach and El San Juan Hotel are sparkling anew. Today Puerto Rico is still a great foodie destination. Enjoy this city’s bioluminescent bays and the charming Old Town San Juan and the incredible lifestyle here.


Egypt has always charmed tourists with its incredible pyramids and museums. The largest archaeological museum in the world, Egypt’s new Grand Egyptian Museum houses the precious artefacts that were scattered in different places. Egypt’s ancient burial sites, the Nile, Nile River hotels and other tourist attractions are getting refreshed. Be sure to visit Luxor and Aswan apart from Cairo when you arrive there.

Berlin, Germany

It’s 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Today, Berlin’s cool creative chaos with its many artists, designers, performers and musicians makes this a fun city to explore. If you missed out on the Nineties decade, visit the Nineties Berlin museum in Mitte. Berlin is full of cool upscale coffee haunts, a strong nightlife and outdoor activities. Visit the ceramic gallery NaNum, the wine bar Freundschaft, and Metro, the urban farm.

Baja, Mexico

Baja is cool, with its boutique hotels and wine regions. Visit the vineyards of Valle de Guadalupe to taste some of the finest wines in the region. If you’re a beach baby, check out the scene at Todos Santos, where artists, surfers and bohemians chill out. The Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and the incredible desert await the adventurer in you.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is ever-popular on travel lists, and 2019 is no different. Dubai’s incredible manmade marvels, its beaches, its great food scene, shopping and the incredible desert pull travellers from all over the world. There’s nothing like an exciting desert safari in Dubai to put the excitement back into your life. Dubai’s luxurious opulence and incredible skyscrapers, no money spared, doesn’t fail to garner attention. The Burj Khalifa is still the tallest building in the world, and the Palm Islands is still the only manmade island recognizable from outer space.

Chengdu, China

Chengdu is an artsy, cool place that’s the capital of Central China’s Sichuan area. It’s a serious food town with colourful markets and old teahouses. It’s been named UNESCO’s first City of Gastronomy. Be sure to try some spicy mayo tofu, hotpot, Kung Pao chicken and even chicken feet. Visit the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base to see 200 giant and red pandas. Owing to the new visa-free policy, people from 53 countries can visit without a visa for six days.

Perth, Australia

Perth’s world-class beaches, its latest Elizabeth Quay waterfront and vibrant culinary scene all demand tourist attraction. Perth’s Margaret River is a 70-mile long paradise with white sand beaches, ancient limestone caves, turquoise bays, rolling vineyards and green farmlands. Whether you go on a food exploration tour, or a bush foraging expedition – Perth has it all. It’s a city where the urban meets the wild.

Dolomites, Italy

At the Dolomites, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, dog sledging and snowshoeing in the Alps during winter. During summer, go biking, hiking, mountain climbing, exploring valleys and paragliding. Enjoy the award-winning mix of German-Italian cuisine and spend nights in mountain refuges. Explore the lakes, meadows, vineyards, and forests of the Dolomites, one of the best places to travel in 2019.


Namibia is an intriguing blend of cultures, home to the Ovambo, Herero, Himba, and Damara peoples. Namibia is one of the least, populated countries in the world, with very less pollution. Eco-tourism is a way of life here, with remote natural reserves and forest and desert safaris. It’s safe to explore the river and sand dunes because of fewer predators. Excellent beaches and old shipwrecks complete the picture.

Tasmania, Australia

If you’re a foodie, head to Tasmania for a wonderful culinary adventure. If you’re a surfer or an adrenalin junkie, then remote Tasmania is the best place for some off-grid adventures. Explore the eateries of the capital city of Hobart. Enjoy the exemplary beaches, the mountain air and craft beers and local produce. Tasmania’s wines are amazing, as is the dining and the rugged landscape.


Israel is rejuvenating itself with shiny new airports, new trains and hotels everywhere. The country’s much-anticipated high-speed train between Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport is ready. Ben Gurion’s airport is ready for direct flights from other countries. Luxury hotels such as Setai Tel Aviv, The Drisco and The Jaffa have come up in Tel Aviv, adding to the tourist appeal. The entire country is jazzing up to attract tourists in 2019.

Hoi An, Vietnam

A lovely port city, Hoi An now has a new luxe beachfront resort and several new projects aimed at tourists. This UNESCO-protected ‘Ancient Town’ is full of picturesque beaches. Nam Hai is full of intriguing homes, with garden courtyard typical of Vietnam. Explore Hoi An’s spice trade history in a museum created out of a 200-year-old merchant’s house.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is an art and design mecca. Visit the Hotel St. George to feast your eyes on over 400 pieces of art including Ai Weiwei’s stunning installation. Helsinki’s new central library, Oodi, offers sunny reading rooms, a cinema, crafting rooms and recording studios. A new underground museum of contemporary art, Amos Rex exhibits artworks in domed spaces that lead to an urban plaza.


Visit Northern Chile’s Elqui Valley, one of the biggest spiritual vortexes in the world. Enjoy the stunning Andean mountainside. This valley has earned the nickname ‘International Dark Sky Sanctuary’ with good reason. There’s a complete lack of artificial lighting here. On July 2nd, many travellers will visit this valley to witness the spectacular summer’s solar eclipse. Explore a local winery, crush grapes by foot, sample some pisco and experience the spiritual high of the valley.


2019 is the year for you to pack your bags and travel to lands you’ve not seen before. Be brave – try places that you might otherwise not think of. You’ll soon see that travel is its own joy.


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