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Attractions in Mykonos

Mykonos is one place which many of us want to visit, not only because of its beautiful whitewashed houses and streets but also due to its lively atmosphere, delicious food and lastly to unwind at some of the best beaches. This island has it all, and you be glad to spend your time here!

Some people have the wrong assumptions that Mykonos is only good for partying, well is but there are plenty of things to and see if like me you are not too much of a party person. You can use this article as a guide to easily spend 2-3 days in Mykonos.

Go for an Olive Oil Tour – Did you know Greece is famous for its Olive Oil tours, and I was intrigued to learn so much about the ingredient I love the most. Well, no meal is complete for me without a side of bread and a gentle glaze of olive oil. I took this informative class with Anita, and she made us try some good olive oils along with finding a difference between the good and the bad ones, it was something I recommend for people who love to eat and know about their food.

Visit Little Venice – You would have probably seen a lot of Instagram pictures from this place and it’s one of my favourite places too, especially to catch the sunset at one of the restaurants at the bay. The whitewashed streets of this area and the spectacular view of the ocean is something you will be remembering for days to come, it’s so lovely out there.

Heavenly Food – If you come to Mykonos make sure to book yourself at one of their famous or popular restaurants, there are many out there. My favourite particularly was the Pasta Fresca Barkia, Niko’s Tavern, and Hippie Fish. Apart from these they even have plenty of famous chains like Zuma, Nusr-et Steakhouse, Coya, and Nammos.

Mykonos Windmills – How could you come to Mykonos and not pay a visit to this popular tourist site, you can find the windmills in many parts of the island as it’s one of the main feature but particularly the ones at Chora are where you will see many tourists going. The windmills are not operational but they are still a famous landmark.

Beaches – Many tourists typically come to Mykonos to enjoy the beaches and you won’t be disappointed as they have plenty of beautiful beaches. Some of the ones you should not miss are Elia Beach, Paradise Beach, and Platys Gialos Beach.

Matogianni Street – Wondering where to head to get a sense of being in Mykonos? This street is something you should not miss, as it has many designer stores, souvenir shops and it makes a great place for pictures too! Don’t forget to dine at one of the restaurants here, it is quite fun.

Church of Panagia Paraportiani – There are many churches in Mykonos but this one in Kastro particularly is very pretty. You see many tourists queuing to get a picture. I also made it a point to catch the sunset view from here, just a stone throw away is a lovely spot where you can view the sunset from.

Armenistis Lighthouse – I love visiting a lighthouse, and this was great, its a bit far from the Chora neighbourhood but it’s worth checking it out for the scenic view it offers. You won’t be able to get in the lighthouse but it makes for a pretty backdrop, for your pictures.

Old Harbour – People usually end up visiting Little Venice and the alleyways around but forget that this part of Mykonos is also quite trendy. Filled with restaurants and coffee houses, and a place you can enjoy the ocean breeze along with the superb beach. Do make it a point to spend time around this neighbourhood too.

Museum’s and Galleries – I know that many people enjoying learning about the history and culture of Greece and what better place to do that than visiting a museum! Some places you could check out are Aegean Maritime Museum, Archeological Museum, and Mykonos Folklore Museum. There are many nice art galleries too but the popular ones are Rarity Gallery and HOFA gallery.

I hope you enjoy your time on the island and let me know what was your favourite thing’s to do, I loved the beaches and just lazing around and stuffing myself with some fabulous Greek food.

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