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Must try Mexican restaurants in Dubai

Dubai has certainly up their game when it comes to serving world cuisines, whether it’s Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Indian, you can pretty much find most of the global cuisines here in UAE. People too are getting adventurous here and they go out to dine more then ever and if you don’t feel like getting dressed and going out then the various delivery options make our life even easier. Dubai, has recently seen spurge off Mexican restaurants and this has been one of the most difficult lists to compile as there are infinite numbers of exceptional Mexican restaurant but here are some of my favourite and best restaurants in town

Luchador – This restaurant on the Palm initially attracted me because of their great outdoor terrace and in the winter it is beautiful to head here, admire the skyline and sip on some mock-tails. After trying some of their dishes I realised this is not just a pretty place but a fantastic place for Mexican food too. Most of the key ingredients are imported from Mexico and their menu seems promising. My favourite thing on the menu was the various tacos, they serve 12 tacos in total! I have heard a lot of good things about the brunch too but yet to try it out.

Maya kitchen – Situated in the wonderful Le Royal Meridian Beach Resort & Spa this restaurant boasts some fabulous views of the beach and the Arabian Gulf but that’s not it, this place has some moreish ceviches which always tempts me to order more. Their brunch is popular too, and anyone would be impressed by the food. It’s a nice romantic restaurant and you won’t regret choosing this restaurant for your next Mexican fiesta. Fun fact, you even get access to the pool and beach after brunch. Some of the must-try dishes here are the quesadillas and tacos, you are going to love it.

La Tablita – Located in the Hyatt Regency in the creek, this restaurant is as Mexican as it can get. This was also probably the first Mexican restaurant I tried in Dubai and I wasn’t disappointed. They have good Latin music to dance too and even a Taco night on Tuesdays. For vegas as well they have a good few options to choose from, the vibe is great and so is the service. I love their Tres LeChes cake with Jalapeño ice cream and the deep-fried fish. They even have artworks around the restaurant to depict some of the Mexican culture and the staff as well all hale from Mexico, I love how they try their best to be as Mexican, as they can! 

Tortuga – When I have guests over and they are in the mood for Mexican food then this is probably one of the places which pop up first in my mind, it’s location is perfect. Situated in Madinat Jumeirah along the lake, they have good entertainment and delicious food. I might be slightly biased towards this restaurant as the ambience is so romantic especially in the evenings, and this place instantly puts you in a good mood. The staff are courteous and hospitable, and you will love dining in this gem of a restaurant.

Maria Bonita – This stand-alone restaurant located in Umm Suqqeim, has outdone itself. They have a couple of branches in Dubai and the only reason they have survived is because of the phenomenal food. When you dine here you feel you have been transported to Mexico, the decor and the ambience is on point. They have a Taco Tuesday night which I am a big fan off, the service is quick and the food will win your hearts. Did you know this restaurant has been in Dubai since the last 17 years which is an accomplishment in itself? Don’t miss out on their signature Guacamole’s, it’s divine!

La Carnita – Situated in the Intercontinental Marina hotel this restaurant has a funky street decor, a casual vibe and impressive wall art. There are plenty of tasty dishes for you to try and if you are with a group of friends it’s even better as the menu has some tempting dishes to try. My favourite here is their signature taco ‘In Cod we Trust’, it is truly wonderful. The service is steady and I am so glad that this famous restaurant from Toronto opened its door in Dubai, it was about time we got it here. If you want to have a fun time with friends, this will be my suggestion, especially around the Marina.

Chingon – Boasting of some beautiful views of downtown Dubai, this restaurant in Business Bay is getting popular among my work colleagues, for a quick meal and drinks, we usually head here. The quantity of the dishes are quite decent and I love trying their Chimichurri Burrata as there is a big group of Italians living in Mexico which have invented their take on Mexican food, nevertheless it is amazing. If you are a chilli lover you will love this place as they source around 37 different chilis from the region, isn’t that fascinating? If you fancy some desserts to tone down the chilli flavour then do try the heavenly cheesecake paired with mandarin sorbet. This place is relatively new and quite trendy and I hope it stands the test of time!

El mostacho – JLT is a prominent place in Dubai to find some amazing stand-alone restaurants who are doing quite well for themselves and one such restaurant is El Mostacho which is unpretentious, real and truly authentic. It is indeed a tiny space but they have still done a good job with transforming the space. You can see the effort to make this quaint little space so charming and Mexican, especially with the Mayan art, the sombrero hats and the quirky decor pieces. Unlike other restaurants, they don’t have a gigantic menu but prefer to focus on a few good quality dishes which I admire! The place is perfect for a relaxed outing with family.

Muchachas – I have heard a lot about their famous Friday Fiesta brunch and cannot wait to head down here but in case you want to try the ala carte the selection is good too. The decor of the restaurant is surely a bit edgy, especially with the use of the pastel colours, cactus and sombreros clustering the wall but don’t let the interiors daunt you from enjoying a good meal out here. The food is very reasonably priced and I love their crunchy churros. I just wished the location of this place was a bit easier to reach as it has great potential and food which you will crave.

With this list of Mexican restaurants in Dubai, you will surely find one of your favourite joints, until then I am heading out to binge on some Tacos as after this one long list I have been craving Mexican food all day long.

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