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Dubai’s most popular facial at Gaga Clinic

So I have been to a couple of aesthetic clinics over the past few months and it was to experience a good facial and to see results. I have tried a couple of carbon facials, and hydra facials but nothing has helped me with my skin issues which is making it fresher, clearer and of course making it feel healthy.

Recently I came across Gaga Clinic and met with their skin specialist Saba Hashmi, she has more than 20 years experience and is one expert when it comes to tackling any skincare concerns. For my rough, and oily skin I took two sessions of Hydra Facial which was also combined with Botox Facial.

The session lasted for about an hour or so and there were an instant glow and difference on my skin, the dead skin was exfoliated, a soft light (laser) was used to make it brighter, followed by a mask. My second session was combined with a Botox Facial which was micro-needling the serums deep into my skin to see great results. The vitamins infused in my skin was catered to my skin type and was a combination of a few, one of which being Gluthatione Hydronic Acid. I didn’t feel much pain as my skin was numb but the redness was evident but that was barely noticeable in the next few days. My skin feels rejuvenated and tightened which is the result I was looking for.

My skin was peeling over the coming few days but I could see the results of the facials and would surely go back again. Also the products used here are of Zo Skin Health which are usually supplied to clinics and have a long lasting effect on your skin. I would highly recommend a session with Saba Hashim as she can understand your concerns and would try to treat it permanently rather than just a quick fix.

Hydra facial starting cost ranges between 600DHS and Gaga Signature Facial is for 999DHS. My favourite Botox Facial starts at 2,499DHS. For more information call on (04)3417111.

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