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Corfu’s best places to visit

Corfu is another Greek island that has gained attention in the last few years, it is becoming the new hotspot for tourists and all for the right reasons. Did you know that this island was under British and French rule once? Now it is flooded with luxury resorts, beautiful shoreline and cultural highlights which resonates with its Greek history.

The main city is Kerkyra, and on the map, it does look like it’s a big island but outside of the main city there aren’t many attractions except stunning views and beaches, you can easily spend three days here, venturing and exploring. Let’s start by looking at some of the things you should add to your bucket list on this island of Greece.

Best Beaches in Corfu – When in Greece, I always begin with the beaches and some of the beaches to add to your list here are Loggas Beach, catch a sunset here or just relax while seeing the day pass by, it’s a superb place to be regardless. Another spectacular beach is Porto Timoni, you will be doing yourself a favour by just seeing this gem of a place. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten the idyllic Paleokastritsa beach it is a mix of sand and pebble beach and I love the turquoise colour water here, and lastly, Glyfada beach which is surrounded by luxurious hotels and there are tons of water sport activities which you can try too.

Visit the UNESCO – site of the old town of Corfu which is also called Kerkyra, you might even come across some Venetian houses which are beautiful to look at. Apart from that look out for the Statue of Georgios Theotokis, the popular Spilias Square, the Liston, the famed Saint Spyridon Church and the Old fortress of Kerkyra which also houses the St.George’s Church. The town is small, so it’s easily doable in a few hours and later you can even pay a visit to the Vlacherna Monastery, perched on its very own island! For history lovers, the Archaeological Museum, Municipal Art Gallery, Museum of Asian Art and the Casa Parlante are also quite intriguing.

While you are around the old town, maybe you like to check out The Achilleion which is barely a 20min car ride away. This palace was used by the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, today you can take a tour of the garden and the grandeur villa too.

Canal d’Amour – if we are talking about Corfu how can we not mention this romantic place, did you know it’s also known by the locals as The Channel of Love. Many couples swim through the channel as there is a myth that if they do, they get married. How about spending a day around here, it isn’t a bad idea after all? Also since you are here don’t forget to check out Cape Drastic, it’s one dramatic place to see, also not too far from the Canal d’Amour.

Apart from these some more idealistic places to visit on here visit Corfu are Mount Pantokrator which also houses a Pantokrator Monastery which goes back to 14th Century, La Grotta Beach which is a bit rough but the colour of the water here is magical, the fishing town of Kassiopi which has lovely tavernas and tiny coves, and the gorge of Agni Bay to embrace the little gem of a village.

Corfu, is quite easily one of the most dreamy holiday islands and it surely needs to be on your places to visit, you won’t regret being here.

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