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Must see places in Zakynthos

Zakynthos, I think my never-ending love for Greece is not helping my bank balance, I mean there are so many gorgeous islands to visit and each has its USP! Zakynthos, also called Zante is such a charming place to visit. The island is relatively smaller compared to Corfu, or Crete and it’s quite ideal for a two to three-day visit.

Also, an interesting fact about this island is that it was under Venetian rule from 1484 until 1797, so a lot of influence from this region can be seen in architecture and food. Another fun thing about Zakynthos is, that it has sun most time of the year with bare minimum rain, so thankfully my holiday plans are not getting spoiled here!

Start your day at the old town – which has an array of things to see and do, stroll around Solomos Square or visit the historical mansion of the former Greek president Alexander Roma. For shopping fanatics you can wander around Alexandra Roma street, you surely find a cute souvenir here.

Beaches – if you come to Greece, you know you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing the best beach, there are plenty and each one has its dramatic beauty. The most famous one is the Shipwreck beach, and it can be reached by the multiple ferry companies here and yes you can still see the shipwreck here on the beach. Another busy beach of the island is Makris Gialos Beach, from here you can even take a boat tour to visit the popular Blue Caves, it’s one of the few main attractions of the island and can only be accessed by a ferry. Kalamaki beach is also very popular and lastly, visit Laganas Beach it has shallow waters and is protected by the authorities as numerous sea turtles are found here if you like to see them then take a ferry to the Turtle island (Marathonisi) its a fun experience, I promise.

Scuba diving – I am not surprised that this island is also known for underwater diving, when the water is so clear and the marine life is throbbing around, why wouldn’t you want to explore it? There are many companies offering scuba diving lessons and dives around Laganas, Marathias and Keri. The best place yet to dive is Lakka, in my opinion, the marine life here is insanely pretty but saying that there are around 12 lovely dive sites on the island and funny enough it is indeed a true divers paradise.

History and art lovers – would also love this island as there are numerous museums to explore like the Aristeon Olive Press & Museum, The Venetian Castle here has had significant importance too and today you can visit the ruins of the castle and see it’s stone vaulted prison. A few more interesting places would be the Museum of D.Solomos, Zakynthos Museum, Byzantine Museum and the History War museum.

Keri Cliffs – For some breathtaking views of the island, a visit to this cliff is a must! You could also visit the nearby lighthouse, or take a boat tour to see the alluring Keri Caves. There is also a Virgin Keriotissa Church perched up on the hill, which provides a superb view of the town. This town is indeed small but surely a delightful one.

From extravagant views to enlightening museums, and striking beaches, Zakynthos has it all. While I have mentioned some of the best things to see and do, there are other places as well which deserve a mention or a visit if you have some extra time of the island like Banana Beach, Cove of Porto Azzuro, Gerakas Beach, Agios Dionysios Church and Tsilivi Waterpark.

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