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10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

Where in Dubai can you find some incredible restaurants which know how to cook some superb spring rolls or some casual Sichuan delicacies. Well, it’s not too difficult to find some of Dubai’s restaurants which offers oriental Asian cuisine which will surely get you back for more.


Mekong, Anantara – This place has not only the award-winning food but also the decor which goes exceptionally well with the theme of this restaurant. Offering some charming and truly delectable dishes, you will love being at the Mekong. Apparently, their half roasted duck is a big sell out. Another interesting feature about the menu is a symbol next to each dish representing the country from where the dish was originated, isn’t that creative?

Yuan, Atlantis – The reason I go to Atlantis so often is because of this restaurant, their Yum Cha brunch every Friday has some of the best offerings from Dim-sums to traditional desserts, you will be spoilt for choices. The decor of this restaurant is chic and sophisticated, so if you get a date along, I am sure it wouldn’t go wrong.

Hakkasan, DIFC – If you haven’t heard about this restaurant you have been living under the rock!. Hakkasan is a world-renowned restaurant for not only people who love Asian food but also for those who just want to unwind at their bar or terrace lounge. Their menu is pretty impressive, and they add new dishes and variations quite often which in turns keep their customers happy.

Zheng He – Surrounded by the beautiful Madinat Jumeirah lake this restaurant has such a romantic location, on one side is the Burj Al Arab view and on the other hand is their lake. Delve into some of their tantalizing seafood which shall be adored by you on every sensory level. The charming ambiance of this place will surely make you fall in love with Zheng He.


Royal China, DIFC – I have organized numerous meetings at this restaurant which starts with some light appetizers but being tempted by their selection we end up ordering many dishes. They started way back in 1996, and since then this restaurant has created a good brand for itself. A must try is their Friday brunch where you get to indulge in unlimited Dim sum, in my opinion, it’s a win-win situation.

Shang Palace, Shangri La – The signature restaurant of Shangri La, which you might find in many of the hotels around the world is known for its supremely high-quality food. The food is a mix of traditional and fusion which is fabulous. Their Barbecue beef has an aromatic texture which will leave you feeling satisfied and in a blissful state of mind.

Asia Asia – This brand has a lot of restaurants under its chain, and I love the way they have designed their menu which has varied Asian dishes. Being a popular restaurant among many party goers this place is always packed. Apart from the food, even the location is pretty amazing, situated in Pier 7 (Marina) the view is spectacular.

Long yin, Le Meridien – A pretty established restaurant among the Dubai crowd. At Long Yin you will be overwhelmed by their signature Szechuan dishes, each dish has a unique flavor making it rich and enticing. The interiors are sleek, and the dimly lit lights make an amazing ambiance for dinner.

Maiden Shanghai, Five – This brand new restaurant at Five is my current favorite, the recipes here are a mix of classic Chinese food with a touch of modern fusion. Consisting of three floors you can bet the view of the Palm will be breathtaking. The menu has a mix of four Chinese cuisines, so you know you are in for a varied flavor, the decor here is inspired by Chinese history making this place a complete Asian gastronomical hub.

Hoong Loong, Sofitel The Palm – I love when restaurants have an open kitchen which makes you realize that the chefs are confident of their skills and won’t mind being watched. Rich red and gold decor will transport you to China; this place sticks to the tea ritual which is a bonus especially if you are here for an experience.

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