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Five Famous Polish dishes to try

When it comes to food, Poland does surprise its guests with hearty and fulfilling dishes. On my two-week foodie extravaganza trip, I made sure to try some of their famous dishes and known restaurants. Polish people love their food, and the use of vegetables are pretty common, their dishes generally need basic ingredients, but the flavours are harmonious. 

If you are heading to Poland anytime soon, don’t forget to try some of the below mentioned Polish dishes:-

Pierogi – You can find these in every corner of Poland, many of the locals love making this easy dish even at home. It’s a dumpling filled with stuffing; the filling usually depends on your liking from sweet to savoury you can have it all. The popular fillings are of potatoes, meat or mushrooms.

Paczki – Similar to Doughnuts this was one of my most adored desserts and you can find many bakery shops making it fresh every morning. There are shops which especially specialise on different flavours of Paczki; you can either have it with your morning coffee or an evening snack, they are perfect on their own too.

Oscypek – I would be gutted if I didn’t mention this sheep cheese on my list. I took a day tour to one of the farms which have specialised in the making of these cheese, its a lot of hard work so appreciate while indulging in this sheep milk cheese. You can have it with a few flavoured jams, it’s easy to find this cheese in supermarkets or a grocery shop.

Barszcz – This wholesome soup is packed with textures; its a beetroot soup served cold. Many restaurants have different recipes to enhance the flavours but either way it tastes tremendously good. I usually like to have it with a Raviolli dumpling, but not every place served it.

Placki Ziemniaczane – Pair this potato pancake with cream, and it becomes an appealing meal. The pancake is stuffed with vegetables of your choice and fried to give you that crisp texture; you can even have it with gravy or with the sour cream, it’s delightful.

Of course, there are way too many Polish dishes to try but these are some of the best and leaving the country without trying these few pleasurable dishes would be a grave crime. 

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