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Five Best places to visit in Scotland

An abundance of nature, castles, palace, food and a lot of dynamic cultures is what comes to my mind when I think of Scotland. I stayed in the UK for a while but never really visited the up north but as a tourist, on various occasions, I have travelled to some of the dear cities of Scotland. Usually, tourists flock to Edinburgh but there are many places to see apart from this city, Edinburgh is beautiful but the more north you travel, you will witness the real charm of this country.

Edinburgh – Being a history student I was mesmerised by this city, in every alley, you can find something interesting and the buildings are a mix of gothic and Victorian architecture which adds more to the glamour of this town. I could spend days here but I still don’t think I will get enough of Edinburgh, one of my friend’s studies here and she dreads the day she has to leave Edinburgh. 

Apart from the captivating history this city also has a mysterious past where you can find many tour groups sharing haunted stories, believe it or not, but it does take you into the not so attractive side of Edinburgh.

Glasglow – This port city of Scotland might not be as famous as Edinburgh but it still captivates you with its architectural legacy. Tons of museums and mesmerising art pieces will please many. Many movies have been shot here, including Fast & the Furious, its railway network is also one of the oldest and this city is easy to reach and well connected from other towns. Buzzing shopping district, and abundance of restaurants will surely win your heart over.

Inverness – In it’s all fairness I visited Inverness to see if I was the lucky one to spot ‘Nessie’. For those of you who haven’t heard of Nessie, its a creature hidden below the Loch Ness, now whether this is a myth or reality, we still don’t know but a day out in Inverness will get you to explore quite a few cathedrals, castles and this city is the getaway to Scottish Highlands which is remarkable. If you are at Inverness, make sure to stroll around their local Victorian Market, it’s like a hidden gem.

Dundee – This coastal city used to be an important port once, apart from having a history this city also has a strong industrial background. Dundee is rich and diverse and full of characteristics, my day here was relatively relaxed compared to the other cities of a Scotland where I was always running around.

Be sure to witness the Tay Bridge, it’s a remarkable work which also has a tragic story attached to it. In the evening spent something at the waterfront, which is calming and serene.

Aberdeen – This beautiful city is surrounded by beaches, mountains, and a lot of farms. You will see an enormous amount of grey buildings here, which is an interesting feature of this city. If you have kids you can take them to spot dolphins, there are plenty here. I came here to visit the Balmoral Castle which also happens to be the residence of the Royal family.

There are a range of good restaurants, and events happening all year round so if you are planning a trip here two days should be ideal.

Scotland thankfully has a lot of activities, attractions and food to keep you busy so a few days are just about enough but I would realistically keep aside at least a week to venture to these top five places apart from a few more towns and cities which you can discover on your trip to Scotland.

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