The capital of Poland, Warsaw is undeniably beautiful in every aspect especially walking down from the Royal Route to the old town where you will witness enchanting buildings and many of which have interesting stories to tell from the WWWII. A lot of hidden alleys too will surprise you by its sights, Warsaw, in my opinion, has the best of old and new. It has shopping malls, commercial buildings as well as, old and historical landmarks. 

Royal Lazienki Park – This park is busy with tourists and locals who like to relax by the lake. If the weather is good you will even see people taking a boat ride, ducks quacking and peacocks in their full glory. Even though this park is in the heart of the city it is still massive, you can find various attractions here too.

Royal castle – After being completely destroyed due to the war, this castle was rebuilt again and today it stands tall with all its pride and glory. You can tour the castle and see the kings room, different chambers and the grand hallway. There are many haunted stories associated with this castle but having a history so remarkable it’s bounded to have its shares of good and bad incidents.

Palace of culture and science – The views from this tower is incredible, it’s also Poland’s highest building. Near this building, you can also find shopping malls and a train station. This place makes for a perfect picture backdrop as well. In the exterior of this palace you can find intricate monuments, and inside too it’s as grand as you can imagine. Today, this palace holds events, museums, concerts, and has restaurants making this palace a symbolic part of Warsaw.

Old town – One of the most picturesque parts of the cities is the old town, like it’s name it is truly one of the oldest part of Warsaw too. This area had to be rebuilt after the Warsaw uprising and it has traces of ruins from the WWII. The local’s pride over the history of the old town, it has tons of churches, cathedrals and you can find the famous Royal Castle too.

Wilanow palace – Go back in time while browsing through the rooms of this magnificent palace. The walls of this palace have pictures of important personalities and once you are done touring the inside, wander around the gardens which is impressive too. It’s a bit out of the city but it still makes for a great place to see especially if you love to see how the regals, once lived.

Royal route – This route connects three former residents of the Polish rulers. You can find many of Warsaw’s important buildings and churches around here. Its a long stretch of 11km but the walk is worth the extra effort. Few of the things not to miss on your walk is the miniature park, scenic Krakowskie Przedmiescie street, Presidential palace and the overwhelming Ethnographic museum.

Praga district – This hipster area of Warsaw has a charm of its own, it does have a bad reputation but that’s changing now. You might see a lot of old buildings and factories around here, a different perspective from the old town of Warsaw. Its surely not recommended for everyone but this district will give you a completely different outlook of Warsaw. Praga is dramatic and has a character of its own. You can find quite a few bars and restaurants around here, but if you really like to explore this area make it a point to visit the Praga Museum of Warsaw to know a bit before you head out to the vicinity.


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