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Best attractions in Krakow, Poland

This city of Poland is alluring and has something to please everyone. I usually like to spend my time in the old square but there are plenty of things to see and do all around Krakow. On my visit here, I spend four days in Krakow, it was just about enough but I could see myself doing a lot more day trips if I had stayed here longer. Mentioned below are some of the highly rated attractions in the city.

Auschwitz Birkenau camp – Go back in time and get to know the history of the mistreatments bought on the Jews by the Nazis. It’s an emotional tour which reminds you of the hardships faced by the Jews. One of the top things to see and experience in Krakow. An hour drive from the city it is surely worth visiting especially if you are a history lover.

Wawel Castle – Home to the royalties for over 500 years this place is a pretty prominent place in Krakow. Perched on the Wawel hill, this castle stands as an important attraction in the city. It has been through a lot of refurbishment due to numerous reasons but till date, it makes an admiring place in the heart of the city.

Mary’s Basilica – Situated in the main old square, it’s hard to miss this remarkable tower. The gothic interior of this tower is striking and attracts a lot of tourists. You can climb up the 100 steps to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city.

Kazimierz – This fascinating Jewish quarter is filled with funky cafes, artworks and restaurants. While my stay in Krakow I stayed in this area and enjoyed my walk to the Wawel Castle and the Old town. There are many companies which do tours for this specific area which would be suggested as you get in-depth knowledge about the community and how they have preserved their traditions and culture.

Rynek Underground – Wandering around the main square you will be surprised to know that there exists a city beneath it. Discovered accidentally it serves as a museum today and you can walk through the many unusual tunnels too.

Wieliczka salt mines – Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list this place is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Poland. Situated an hour away from Krakow these salt mines were once used for commercial purposes. At first glance, it seems like a small tour but it goes on for a good 2-3  hours depending on your pace. There are a few chapels inside too and a big hall where events take place even today. If you intend to make this experience even worthwhile take part in the miner’s route expedition, where you dress up as one and take part in various activities. This place was one of the highlights of my trip, don’t skip it.

Market Square – The centre of old Krakow, you can find shops, attractions, restaurants and a lot more activities in this part of the city. It’s beautiful to explore the lovely allies or spend your time seeing the various buildings here like St. Mary’s Basilica or have a picnic at the famous Planty Park. If walking is not your thing, try to take a tour on a carriage which you can find very easily in the old town.

Krakow is a lively city and unlike many European countries, it is usually open until midnight especially restaurants in the old square. With so many unique attractions this city is sure to leave a lasting impression on your soul.

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