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Five Best cities to visit in Poland

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that this is an Eastern European country because like me you will fall in love with Poland. I sometimes wonder why I took so long to visit Poland; my wandering soul finally found a place which I would visit over and over again. This city has a unique aura and ambience which makes you believe in the legends of dragons, a history which will grasp your attention and food textures which shall linger on your palette for days to come. 

I wish I spent days in each of its alluring cities, but since that’s not possible, I made a list of Poland’s best cities.

Krakow – This city used to be the old capital, but now it stands as the artistic and cultural place for tourists and locals. Since Krakow is one of the oldest cities of Poland its a treasure of history, it has striking attractions and legendary stories. Every alley of Krakow is visually attractive, and you will find an interesting story in every nook and corner of this city.

Warsaw – This city has a lot to offer, from fabulous restaurants to beautiful markets and attractions to make you fall in love with the capital of Poland, Warsaw. Their old town is one of the fascinating places to spend time and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. I particularly, even enjoyed shopping here, as they have some lovely and reasonable local brands.

Wroclaw – Poland’s fourth largest city, this city has an appealing old town. You can either plan a trip from Krakow or stay a day or two, their opera house is famous so if you get a chance make sure to catch a show. They have these mini gnomes (statues) spread across the city; there is an impressive story attached with each one. This vibrant town shouldn’t be missed as it’s a city of history, culture and traditions.

Gdansk – This coastal town of Poland is adorable, its different from the rest of the commercial cities as it’s peaceful, and you can relax by the beach. Gdansk is a medieval city slowly gaining the attention of tourists. It has an abundance of museums, architectural sights and restaurants to keep your day busy. The reason I would suggest to Gdansk is as it’s not too massive compared to Krakow or Warsaw so if you like to tick off the main highlights it is doable, especially if you are in this town for a day trip.

Zakopane – This ski town is soon becoming a popular holiday spot among tourists, it not only has amazing scenery but has quite a few activities which will keep you occupied. Zakopane has a lot of wooden chalets perched on the hill which reminds me of Switzerland. You can decide to hike or take a cable car ride to enjoy the marvellous view of this dramatic town.

Explore these vibrant and rich cities of Poland, and if you do have a bit more of time in your hand venture out to the Bialoweiza National Park where you can witness bison too. This national park is magical in winter, while you can spend a lifetime in this wonderful place, these are a few of the cities which will give you an impressive perspective of Poland.

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